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I'm thinking about enrolling on one of those. there's a photography course in nearby college which gives UK recognized certificate. it's 30 weeks (part time) 3 hrs per week. it costs almost the same as 2-3 day landscape workshop.

what do you think would be better to develop more photo skills? did anyone attend one of those and could share experience?

I'd be very grateful for any advice on this subject.

link to college course I've found:


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I could see a course structure on your link but I would tend to favour the college course.

Intensive workshops can leave little time for reflection and follow up questions where the time period for the part time course allows you to go away, have think and some practice and then come back with important questions.

I attended an undegaduate journalists photography unit while studying for my Honours Degree and found it very interesting.

It was a semester length and the broad nature of the unit introduced me to aspects of photography I had not considered and I think your college course could do the same.

A brief workshop may be a bit too focussed on only one aspect. Ideally do both

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The college course will delve into more aspects of the subject where as the workshop will be more selective and defined. I'd do the college course.!


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You have to havesome background in photography to profit significantly from a workshop, so it depends on how much experience and grounding in basics you have. Workshops can be intensive and fast moving, and without knowing what you are doing, you can quickly get left behind. Some time ago I participated in instructing a specialized summer course which was like a 6 or 8 week workshop - those enrollees who had little experience or who had just bought their first camera for the course were lost and got little benefit from it. Specialized workshopsare usually designed for experienced photographers who want to sharpen their skills in a narrow area, and should so state (even though some mightclaim otherwise in order to attract more participants). I would think if you have to ask the question, you would probablyprofit more from the course.
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