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JBoyde Nov 21, 2007 12:32 AM

Here's an easy one! I'm using a small studio setup using the 360 flash, an old flash for a dumb slave and a reflector. The main lights will be the flash. I was curious about how I should set the white balance, Should I keep it manual and chose the "flash" WB setting? I htought it would be the answer but everything comes out cool blue.

I did pick up something that kinda looks like and dows the job as a "whibal" (i know the photogs are with me on THAT one! :-)) so I'm tempted to just keep it on flash or sunlight WB, use the grey card on a test shoot, shoot in RAW and then just use the gret card shot to correct all the subsequent shots in Adobe CameraRaw.

Sounds like a good idea? I wish I can test it now but my equipment is at my g/f's house and Im not going there till Thanksgiving. I was hoping I could get a gauge on if I'm on the right track.


Oh, I should say though that its cool blue in the HIGHLIGHTS. There isnt a color cast on the whole picture. Just wanted to mention.

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