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One of my main inspirations is a group of painters that roamed the east coast of Florida in the 50's and 60'snicknamed the Highwaymen.

Men like Sam Newton, Alfred Hair, Al Black, Hezekiah Baker and the rest painted these beautiful sunrises, sunsets and landscapesdepicting the central east coast and inland of Florida around Ft. Pierce, Florida.

They would have painting parties at each others houses and whip out 100's of paintings at a time and sell them out of the trunks of their cars to whoever would stop.

They developed their own style based on the speed with which they painted, especially Albert Hair.

Their colorations seem outlandish till you actually see the colors in person.



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bilybianca wrote:
I'm not educated at all in this field. My inspiration is pretty much contained in this very forum.

Tom/TDN - for concerts and street candids

Tom/Ennacac - for birding and other nature

Roy/Robar - for macro and general "it's gotta be possible"

Daniel/danielchtong - for coming up with new fields to explore all the time. And for concern for the person behind the camera as well.

Ira/Monza76 - for approach and attitude, and some landscaping. And an icicle.

Harriet/Mtngal - for flowers and the eye for the fun and different

Ed/Bigdawg - for persistence

Rick/Rickst - for fog and dew

and all, mentioned or not mentioned - for sharing all miscellaneous subjects and keeping this a worthwile place to come back to, and honouring me by watching my pictures and commenting on them. http://forums.steves-digicams.com/fo...mp;forum_id=80

Well, I totally agree with Kjell. I don't visit many other places besides here and the biweekly challenge on Steve's. (Although, I have been trying to expand on my vists other places lately.) The members of this group are my inspiration. You inspire me to try new things andchallenge me to improve.

I would like to add Thanh and Kjell to Kjell's list having just checked out the links for Kjell's images from 2006 and Thanh's on the "amazing artist".

Thank you all.

I think Kjell has it nailed for me also.

I would add that Daniels use of the fisheye, and his fashion shoots are also great inspirations.

And Roger for his superb wildlife shots, and his sense of humour.

OK, take out my name, add your own namesand this works for me.

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Awesome sources of information folks. Lets keep them coming.

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