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Hi Tim,

So let me get this right -- It's ultimately your wife's fault. . .

. . . that's really good. . .


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Now I know why I feel so comfortable here - so many of you think along the same lines as I do, though perhaps our subjects are different. I, too, was only vaguely aware of birds as something that always ate my grapes when they ripened, leaving me nothing but stems and now my Peterson Field Guide is starting to look rather well-thumbed.

julianne - One of my favorite categories of OTHER people's pictures are street scenes. All mine are horrible - pointless and boring. But then, I prefer the outdoors over urban life and I have to have some emotional contact with whatever my subject is - otherwise it doesn't work. It sounds like pets and people are what you relate to, and that's a wonderful thing. Be happy that's where your talent lies because your kids will love looking back on their childhood memories, brought back to them through your scrapbooks.

Ron - someday I want to take a photography class, too. I've read a couple of books over the years (especially back in 1980 when I was given my first SLR). But the information that I've gotten from this board in the last year has been priceless. All of you have been so willing to share your experience and knowledge, and I think it's been worth far more than a book, because I've gotten feedback and often an explanation of why something I tried didn't work.

This thread is wonderful, and I love everyone's comments.
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Why I take pictures? Good question. Well it could be that I have Senior Moments and forget what I just saw. Or maybe it is to capture a rare moment that I could not describe in words. Or maybe I just enjoy caputuring the moment.

Actually it is all of the above.

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What a thought provoking topic!

Just prior to Sept. 11th, 2001 a German woman living in Maryland and married to a Defense Dept. official imported from Germany a 4 year old Royal Danish Warmblood. He was a stallion and trained to 3rd level dressage. Her intent was to have him gelded and sell him to someone in the high level dressage circle here in the States.

Then the Pentagon was hit on Sept. 11th and her husband was one of the many people who were very badly injured. The reselling of the horse was pushed aside as she spent the next two years commuting from one hospital to another as her husband made his slow and painful recovery. When he finally returned home his condition still required fairly constant care. She put the word out that she was going to have to sell the horse to concentrate on her husband.

We heard of this situation and this horse from relatives of ours in Maryland who are neighbors of this woman. We made the 6 hour drive down to see him and fell in love. We brought him home the following week. Because he had sat for two years without any training and becoming increasingly out of shape his price was a fraction of what it would have originally been. Tens of thousands of dollars out of our league!

This was taken just a few days after his arrival. He and my daughter were already bonding. Taken with my Kodak 6490


By the end of the summer my daughter looked like a weight lifter with bulging muscles. He was magnificent but 1500lbs of ATTITUDE! Taking their picture while riding was very difficult with my Kodak. Just way too much shutter lag. I could never successfully capture how he just seemed to "float" in the air. My desire to capture the two of them "at work" was what started my interest in photography and a more suitable camera.

Then he got sick and spent almost the next two years sick. We finally discovered that he was allergic to hay! Yes, a horse allergic to hay or to be more specific hay from New England.

Although we still own him he is now living on a farm on the Canadian border and doing fine. Apparently, Canadian hay is different. We are going to have to find him a permant home somewhere up there. My daughter is heartbroken but because of all this I have a new camera and a growing interest in photography.

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Robin - that's quite a bittersweet story - to have such an opportunity and then lose it. He looks like a wonderful horse (nice face) and the Dutch Warmbloods have a reputation as being sweet. Hope you luck into something equally good (or else walk into a pawn shop and get offered 10 perfect lenses for $100).
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mtngal wrote:
Such a simple question, but there's probably as many answers as there are people who own cameras.

Related question - What do your pictures say?
Well Itried to cover this a while ago by asking do you see/shoot objects or light?

Especially fond of shoot ing sunsets.... as well as just being there anyways.... which is totally light ut for the object of the sun itself maybe....

But I also find in choosing to shoot other things, light/contrasts are also often the attraction to cause the shot too, other than the objects that might be part of it.
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What an interesting topic! and an interesting coincidence. It's the exact question my wife asked me a couple of nights ago as we were debating, er...discussing, my planned purchase of a K10D.

I have been shooting digital since 2000 with my first ultra-zoom, a Casio 8000SX, and have worn out both it and an Olympus C-750. In February I purchased a Fuji s6000fd and began hanging out on these forums. I upgraded to the Fuji primarily to be able to produce quality photos of nighttime soccer, but also had two significant events to shoot this spring--my mother's 80th birthday and my son's wedding. Some ten thousand shots later, I realized I'd rediscovered a passion from my childhood.

When I was young, I wanted very badly to take quality photos, and even set up a home darkroom. But, since I couldn't afford an enlarger, much less color equipment, I was limited to what could be done with an old Kodak bellows camera that used 620 film since I could contact print the negatives. However, even then economics limited what I could do since I couldn't afford the film, chemicals, etc. It became a forgotten hobby.

In learning the s6000 and learning what it could do, I I have found myself doing things that, even six months ago, I couldn't imagine: going to a botanical garden and loving it, sitting motionless in the woods just praying that something interesting will come into my range, setting up bird feeders and baths, etc. The list goes on, lol. Like many others in this thread, I found myself looking far more closely at the world around me. I don't just "stop and smell the roses," I also shoot them.

The bar that is set so high by members of this community motivates me to try to stretch my capabilities and those of my equipment. I find myself poring over the shots in all the forums, looking at studying, and admiring what those with more skill than I are doing and wondering how I can emulate them.

I'm planning on moving to the K10D within the month and can't wait. Till then, my "Pentax connection" is a little Optio S50 I bought for my wife, lol.
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Very thought provoking question- And After giving it a lot of thought, I have not a Clue.
I just enjoy taking pictures.

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I wish I knew. I have been interested in photography since grade school but I couldn't afford a decent camera until I graduated from university. My first real job brought me to a school where there were some very active amateur photographers (one of whom is still a photographic mentor of sorts). Since them I have gone through several cameras, a home b&w darkroom and finally where I am today. I have shot about 15 weddings, a few local events, some portrait work and have had a few images printed in local newspapers (including a cover for an entertainment supplement), but it is not about that, I get much more enjoyments from forums like this and sharing sites such as Flickr and Photo.net.

See, no answer. I would love to have some catchy phrase to describe my reasons, but I think those are best left to the truly special photographers. My favourites are Karsh for his portraits, Cartier-Bresson for his "decisive moments", Ansel Adams for his black and white landscapes and many others who have given me fuel for the passion. I have been particularly lucky to have a wife who not only appreciates my hobby but takes an active part in it.


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It's a form of self expression. I do not play music, I am not all that good a sports, I do not paint - sculpt- throw pots or craft fine furniture. I can draw a little and other than the odd program or so - I can't write all that well.

Photography was a way to interact with my family - although it got to the point where as a young man I was getting the "you s*ck" most of the time. (one reason I put my cameras away for several years).

Now that I am running out of hair and have had professional photographers compliment my work - this has all changed. When someone looks at one of my images and says "that's nice - where, what - who?" my submerged desire to be a National Geographic photographer rises up and I feel the need. The next hardest step is to get my real site set up and see if someone would like to buy some of this stuff - after all - retirement is not that far away. I need something to do.

Photographers who have influenced me:

Adams, Curtis, Weston, Cartier-Bresson, Cunningham, Burke-White, Lange, Libowitz, Hass, WeeGee to name a few.

Lately it is Bob Sacha, Carlan Tapp, Jerry Courvoisier and to some extent Vincent Versace. But mostly Bob - he challenged me and I found my fathers passion buried deep. I take pictures because I really like to feel the reaction to people looking at my images - especially when they "get it".

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