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To share how i see things through my eyes basically
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I love three things about photography. 1) The equipment - I have to admit I love to hold a good camera it is an amazing piece of engineering and I am kinda of a geek; 2) I love art but have no hope of drawing anything anyone would not mistake for a grade school project. With a camera I have a Chance; 3) I love capturing moments to look at later and share with others.
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rhermans wrote:
Why I take photo's,

Because photography has simply changed the way I look at the world.

A bold statement maybe that I can only explain with some examples.

a few years ago I sometimes saw a bird, now I'm seeing many more. When walking with friends I'm the dopey one that cries out "did you see that kingfisher, theres an European jay, look a heron" ... (always regretting not having my camera with me) ...then they smile and I don't know what they think, but frankly I don't care. Why do I see them because I started looking for them to get pictures of them.

getting a macro shot of some lichen that turns out to look as an underwater scene.

just going hunting for a shot of a flying bird, the fun, the result, ...

or just the fun of getting crisp sharp photo's

and as the icing on the cake seeing the world through the eyes of other photographers - meaning you guys and girls - and adding to that view.


and Harriet they do create a world for me
Sorry to revive an old thread, but I just wanted to mention that I completely understand what you mean by the above. Before I got into photography, I would take the beauty of nature for granted. Now, when I go outside on a nice day, or see a colorful sunset, I notice them. It really makes life more enjoyable when you are able to slow down and just look around you, taking your surroundings in and imaginging what an amazing photo this or that would be... I guess I could say I take photographs because I want to try and capture the elegance of nature, which is probably why I dislike shooting people.
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I considered this question a lot when the thread was new, but never found an answer that was satisfying. "Because it's fun" isn't very deep, is it?

I started in order to be able to show others what I had been doing (lectures and presentations on what I had been doing in Nicaragua and other countries, using colour slides to make it more interesting) and got caught in the photography itself.

As a photographer, I found, you're allowed to behave like your cuckoo, and you are not supposed to be a talkable interacting person. That can be quite comfortable as a change when you're normally involved in processes that are very serious. On the other hand, if I can't concentrate completely on taking photos, I put the camera aside. You can't negoicate a budget and make occasional interruptions for snapshots.

I do agree with those who have said it's changed their way of seeing things. I'm much more observative now than before, I see a lot more to take photos of (typically when I don't bring a camera) and this forum gives me a lot of inspiration and ideas.

I don't exhibit my pictures a lot (you, dear friends, form the vast majority of my audience). I find clicking away much more funny than post processing, and can be awfully slow when I have covered an event or something where others want me to deliver the results. But nevertheless I'm very proud when they like it, and use my pictures on the homepage or cover of the annual report. So far I have earned nil pointzero crowns/dollars/pounds on photography. That's a bit less than I have spent.

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Photography has pretty much become an excuse for me to occasionally go outside every now and then. For a lot of people it's probably what fishing is like. Sitting on a rowboat in the middle of a lake might be relaxing for a bit, but it gets boring without something to do.

Also, I find that a camera with a telephoto lens makes an adequete substitute when you're someone who enjoys enjoys hunting, but doesn't really want to kill anything.
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Old Jul 26, 2007, 10:43 PM   #26
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I'm glad to see this thread resurrectd because I think it's something that's good for all of us to consider once in a while. I'm not sure how many members of this forum earn a substantial portion of their income with their cameras, but I strongly suspect that the vast majority of us have the same photo income balance as Kjell--100 % in the red.

When last this thrad was active, I was trying to make he decision to go ahead and purchase a K10d. Since then, I have moved into the scary world of DSLR with a K10d and a serious case of LBA.

Because my wife got my Fuji s600fd, she now goes out and shoots with me and has become enthused about photography, giving me one more reason to shoot...a shared interest with my wife. This weekend was the first time in a couple of years thatmy wife and Ihad a lo of time to spend relaxing with our son and his new wife. We found the most enjoyable times we spent were on a fishing pier over a marsh, each of the four of us with a camera.

So many profound reasons have been given over the life of this thread, and I would be hard-pressed to disagree with any of thm. Thanks for bringing it back up.
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Why do you take photos?
It is fun.
To create memories for the future and future generations.
It teaches you to see the world around you in many ways.
To enjoy your own art.

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Old Jul 27, 2007, 5:00 AM   #28
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Why do you take photos?

Because photography is a wonderful combination of art, science and technology, and sociability. These three aspects can be pursued at any level from superficial (or even absent) to prodigious, in any combination.

Art: in exactly the same way as any creative activity, for the pleasure of oneself and/or others, now and in the future.

Science: to facilitate the other aspects, provide a challenge, satisfy inquisitiveness, educate self and others, improve the world.

Sociability: by sharing the results and/or the methods with others, as we do in these forums, and when we inflict our holiday snaps on guests.

And it's fun.
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I take pictures:

- to document my warped view of the world

- to enjoy the moment, and be able to relive it

- in response to a commission

- I have a story to tell, and my wife is the writer in the family

Larry in Dallas
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Why do you take photos?

Maybe because the same reason male dogs do what they do (actually even girl dogs too)..... they can... and they like it???

I never want to be a wedding photog or the like , but I LOVE just being able to do it as I please, and have the resources for good equipment and understanding of it.

Even sell some now and then, or get a free drink from tourists who forgot their camera at sunset (or dead/etc) take shot and email it to them, as well as nice conversation.

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