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I began taking pictures when I went overseas the first time in 1980. As a missionary it was important to record what I was doing so that people in the States who were supporting us could get an idea what life was like where we were. When my wife and I became dorm parents we had to take pictures so that the parents of our kids could see their children doing whatever it was they were doing! In 1998 the director of our school gave me my first digital camera, the Kodak DC 260, so that I could start e-mailing pictures to parents. I had a ball with it. The ability to post process was incredible. Parents were thrilled. In one or our dorms a student had some dental work and we were able to let his parents, living in Siberia at that time, see the finished work the same day it was done. Incredible. In 2000 I got the Kodak DC 3200. But after we left the dorms I found I had no real reason to take pictures so I seldomused ituntil my wife suggested I resurrect my Kodak and make it a hobby. As soon as I did I began to see the limitations of a point and shoot, so a DSLR was the next step. I bought the istDL for the simple reason I could afford it! Once again picture taking was fun. It was also motivating because now I had nothing to blame bad pictures on except myself. I agree with many of you who said they now see much more in the details of what is happening around them. It is also a huge challenge to see a scene and then to try make it as interesting on the computer screen and/or paper as it was in real life. Seeing how light works, getting the right angle, the right pose, the right exposure and composition is always a wonderful experience...and fun is a big part of it as well.

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i thought i had answerd this one already

but it seems i didnt, or it got lost

why? cos it is a challenge that i have yet to overcome
it started out as a means of recording images to later sketch from
but photography took over
the more i learn the more i find i dont know and need to know
it just keeps going

what do my photos say?
not a lot
they sit quietly in a box in a wardrobe

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mtngal wrote:
Such a simple question, but there's probably as many answers as there are people who own cameras.

Related question - What do your pictures say?

Most of my favorite pictures end up as my desktop/screen saver. Friday I was doing a fairly important but mindless task that didn't involve the computer. I'd occasionally look over at my monitor to see the (seemingly) endless photos floating across it. It suddenly occurred to me what my pictures actually showed, versus what I THOUGHT I was "saying" when I took them. It got me thinking about why I continue to have such fun taking pictures and which ones I really like.

I take lots of macros (mostly flowers), landscapes, details, and travel photos. When I was taking the pictures, I was just snapping things that caught my eye - whether it is a world-class scenery (such as Half Dome at sunset taken from Glacier Point), or something small (the color of an old lock on an ivy covered fence and gate). So I thought of my pictures as a way of recording the world around me.

There are several thousand pictures on my work computer, not all very good but for some reason they appeal to me. Watching them parade across the monitor was not watching my world (freeway traffic jams, people everywhere, paper and more paper) but rather it was a fantasy world. Macros are a different way of looking at the world, not what you normally see. My landscapes and flowers, even the few birds I take,are not a reflection of city life, but rather an idyllic, fantasy, quirkyworld, how I would like my world to be (probably why I love Rick's fog pictures so much). I look at little things, the details in a scene, which is why I use long telephoto lenses for my landscapes more than wide angle (though I'm discovering better ways of using a wide angle, slowly).

It was a big revelation to me to discover that I wasn't recording reality at all - I was developing a fantasy world to escape to. Many of the pictures I really like here follow the same theme - it's something unusual.

I'm not trying to say that's the only reason for taking pictures. A friend of mine is more the photo-journalist type and doesn't "get" my fantasy shots. All his pictures tell stories, they are action oriented. They are outstanding also, just different from mine.

So why do you take pictures, and do your pictures really reflect what you think you are taking, or do they say something else entirely?
Because it is there!!

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This is a fun thread the second time around. And yes, I do it "because its there" also - that's my excuse for experimenting. I've always learned something by trying new things photographically(even if its that something is much harder than it looks!).
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bigdawg wrote:
Because it is there!!

Sort of like my dogs do because they can thing (And both yield great satisfaction :roll: )

Plus with digital it is all up front cost and virtually none down the line like there is with film, (unless you print something... and even then get it exactly right first and likely only print once) and instant feedback not fingers crossed hoping, or added cost and loss of resources bracketing everything.

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