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2many wrote:

Most people wouldnt know what a fox call is, I grew up actually hunting fox's for bounty in Kenosha, County. It paid my way thru school.

That is a really good example of why one should shoot in raw, I plan on shooting in Raw as soon as the 8GB memory cards get here.
we us eto hunt nutria for spending money.. IIRC it was$1.25 for their tails. quite a bit of money when i was a kid..

tom , here's your blue jpg shot processed in ACR and then PS.

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Interesting topic and example. However, the two other pp examples aren't as good as the one Tom came up with from the raw file.

I did do a couple of rather unplanned tests for how much you can recover with blown out highlights in photos taken in jpg, not a jpg from a converted raw file. I couldn't pull as much information out of the jpg as I could normally pull out of the raw file - the detail in the highlights weren't there, while there were still some in the raw file. I pretty much always shoot raw because I also use Lightroom and it doesn't care what the format is. However, even with the K10's larger buffer, I'd still use jpg when shooting sports.
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Great ideas for processing jpg, but just remember in RAW it took a full ten seconds to fix the problem using ACR.

I still normally shoot jpg when shooting birds since the buffer in my DS is too small and I miss quite a few potential shots waiting for the image to process in RAW.

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Hi All,

I've got a standard process for dealing with blue pics -- I obviously mess up enough to have taken the time to do this. . .:-). I'd still be crying if I would have gotten such a good chance at an eagle and "blue" the WB.

By now, you all know I'm mainly a jpeg shooter, and I don't dispute the fact that RAW is better -- so I'm not making that argument here, but I've been pretty satisfied with the results. Not as good as getting it right the first time, but usually not too bad, and only takes about a minute. . .


BTW -- Tom that's a great shot!
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That came out pretty good Scott, what is the process?

Having fun in the new snow or didn't you get as much as they did in Milwaukee?

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thats a very impressive rescue Scott

i have to admit i cheat
and sjoot raw + jpg
so i can have quick pics if i need
and raw if it is difficult shooting conditions

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