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NonEntity1 Jan 4, 2008 5:40 PM

thePrisoner6 wrote:

Stunning. You all had a year of excellent photos.
This is a great thread!

Here are my efforts:
Pentax K100D + Kit lenses for these photos.

fog & lupin

Little Red-Grey Hood

Samantha with Graffitti (B&W)
All three are great shots, I really like the composition of the fog and lupin. There is nothing wrong with the kit lens and many of my favorite shots have been taken with it. You should post more often Prisoner6.


NonEntity1 Jan 4, 2008 5:43 PM

snostorm wrote:

The first is my favorite of the over 1,000 shots I took (thanks digital!) of the new Polar Bear baby at Brookfield zoo a few days after his introduction to the public in March. It's one of the few that I submitted to the PPG that was accepted. Too bad I cut off the tip of mom's nose. . .
Wow! I have taken over 1,000 shots in a signle day but never of the same subject. Good capture on a cute subject Scott and congratulations on getting it into PPG.


Gumnut Jan 4, 2008 9:24 PM

wow all these great photos
we could do a Steves forum Pentax/Samsung book

i will have a look to see what i have from last year

mtngal Jan 4, 2008 11:36 PM

More awesome pictures! I still haven't come up with three - just one. All of these are intimidating, they are so good. Thanks everyone for posting them.

tdotho Jan 4, 2008 11:39 PM

Wow.. lots of great pics.

thePrisoner6, the fog and little red-grey hood, and graffitiare great photos!


ishino Jan 5, 2008 11:13 AM

this is such an awesome thread. i have enjoyed looking at everyone's best of 2007, so many wonderful pictures, thanks dawg for starting it!

bigdawg Jan 5, 2008 11:40 AM

thePrisoner6 , Scott

Really nice photos....Pris the portrait is a heart tugger for sure....Scott I know what you mean about thank you Digital...I've shot thousands just so I could have a few good ones...My skills will get better By and By but in the mean time digital allows me the freedom to shoot as many as I want...With film my wallet restricted me to a roll every month as my funds were so low back then!


Trojansoc Jan 5, 2008 4:04 PM

Even more great shots! This thread has been wonderful. Not only do we get to see just how many really talented photographers are using Pentax cameras, but look at the variety of types of images that have been in this thread.

Of the most recent postings by Prisoner and Scott, I really like the polar bear and the two pictures of the little girls....wonderful images.


Black Knight Jan 6, 2008 10:44 PM

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Well i am late To the party as usual. After much thinking about my 3 favorites For a while, these are the ones that have spent the most time on my desktop.

This first shot is my daugthers Snowman from several weeks ago

Black Knight Jan 6, 2008 10:45 PM

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This shot is of the caribeen sea from the Mayan ruins in Tulum Mexico

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