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let's see where this goes. post a pic of yourself. not many of me but here is one with mercedes. when we got her she was a free bleeder. she had the mange so bad you could hold her at arms length and watch the blood drip off of her. six weeks later she was fine. i'm on the left. hehe:blah:

edit: she also had no hair when she entered the system..

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[img]file:///C:/DOCUME%7E1/Ronny/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/moz-screenshot-15.jpg[/img]Roy, I've got the same problem, because I always play around with the camera
I'm not on many shots.

This is one of the few this year.

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rhermans wrote:
.....because I always play around with the camera I'm not on many shots.
I SAY that's the reason there are few shots of me, but the reality is that the paucity of Paul pics is in response to overwhelming public demand. In my first career I was told that I had a face that was just perfect for radio. This is one taken one day this fall in my classroom when I was teaching one of my students the basics of operation of my camera because she was going to have to help me shooting a football game on a night when I was in the PA booth.

Actually a great topic, Roy. It's always nice to get to know folks with whom you talk so much.
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I do not have many pics of myself but that is just OK with me. I find stuff around me far more fascinating :-)

Here is the most recent one I have (2 months ago):

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My wife Lil' Dawg likes this one so I'll put it up here. You may copy this to scare your children or print a bullseye over it and throw darts!!

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I really hate my pic being taken, but the wife finds it amusing to take shots of me.

One of the better (?) ones.

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A Coke!!!! Wheres the Beer?


Good Subject. Like every one here i am the DP(Designated Photographer). So Very few pictures of Me exist and like Dal I hate my photo being taken!!!!

Anyway, If you guys are ready To be Sick, I will post my photo. The ONLY saving Grace To this picture is that my Better half is with Me. This is the only photo taken this year with me in It. It was taken In March of this year on Our Cruise. Its taken On the Royal Caribbean Island of Labradee. Northern Coast of Haiti.
BTW, Thanks to the Gentle urging of my Cardiologist. Since this Picture was taken i have dropped 20 Lbs

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Sorry its a bit far away, but I don't have a lot of me to choose from.

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There really aren't any pictures of me - as others have noted, I'm the one behind the camera. This is the closest one I have - my hubby took this one this spring when we were driving Hwy. 1.
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So it probably goes without saying taht I am usually behind the camera but sometimes someone catches me in when I am relaxing
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