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robar wrote:
these are great rings!!! but you can get them for a 1/4 the price bid here, delivered. it amazes me what some will bid without doing any research.. they are ''auto''.. but ''auto'' what?????????

as i understand it the "auto" refers to the fact that they allow you to compose with the lens at the largest aperture and then stop down momentarily to the chosen aperture when the picture is taken. mine are like that and so were the ones i had with my k-1000.

all the best, eric
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Maybe I can add something here, since I use mostly M42 screw mount lenses with my DL. Most M42 lenses are marked auto or manual. On the old Spotmatics, this meant they would let you focus wide open and they stopped down automatically to take the picture when in auto. The M42's did this with a round pin that goes in and out. The K mounts and the *ist use a lever that moves up and down.

The fact is, no M42 lens or lens with auto extension tubes will work as far as the aperture automatically stopping down, as the *ist has no way to push in and out on the lens pin. These lenses need to have the aperture worked manually, but you can meter by pressing the AE-L button when in manual mode on the cameraand this matches the correct meter setting with the aperture you have it set on by changing the shutter speed in the camera. Now that I've confunsed everyone, including myself I will stop here - Bruce
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I think Bruce makes a good point and the pin issue with M42 lenses is something many people don't know about. Think of M42 lenses as M for manual only.

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Thanks everyone for the explanation and education. I fell into Roy's joke (sure, pick on the short bus kids!) but I am glad as it increased my understanding. I guess I am going to be searching for one of those Kenko sets, I see them being offered in UK but not on any USA auctions yet. Lotsa other stuff to try first anyhow.

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NonEntity1 wrote:
(sure, pick on the short bus kids!)
hey, i resemble that remark........

there is a set of 'As' on ebay right now, but it's listed with a disclaimer that they may not work.. the set i have work like a K or M lens. i have to hit the AE-L button for exp confirm. the same as those i refered to but they do not have pentax's name on them. $15 dlvrd.. thekman had an identical set at the same time i got mine that went for around $50 dlvrd.. go figure.. i see all the time on ebay where there is a bidding frenzy on an item when there was a BIN for 1/2 the price the idiots are bidding on. dah, hello>>>>

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