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On my DL I have set some of the main menu settings for P/Av/Sv modes, and wanted to check if they made sense.

I switched from 'Bright' to 'Normal'
I set Sharpness to +1
I set Contrast to -1

Any other suggestions?

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Hi Bob,

I don't know that I can answer your question but maybe telling you what I, as a new Pentax Dslr user, am doing, it will be of some help to you. My theory is to only mess with one control at a time and shoot only changing that one control for a day or two. I want to avoid changing too many things at once and not understanding what factors caused me to get a result I liked or did not like. Thus far I have mainly used aperture priority and only recently started messing with Tv. I have compared bright and natural colors but I have not changed sharpness or contrast. I guess in the end what matters is that you be happy with the results.

BTW, for outdoor shots I found I prefer bright, unless it is a sunset, and then I prefer natural. I have not even tried RAW yet.
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Will this be your default setting? I have already turned image tone from bright to natural and am testing the contrast setting (bright sunny days). Changing the contrast setting just 1 increment was a big change. I would imagine advancing the sharpness would be good if you always add it in post. You can also change the exposure compensation setting as needed.

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Guys, you're a little bit confused I think

Those picture settings as Bright/Natural, Sharpness/Saturation/Contrast are for internal JPEG processing engine. Tweaking those settings you can change appearance of out-of-camera JPEG.

Av/Tv are picture taking modes and they do not interfere with picture settings I've described above. I don't talk about scene modes here, as far as I know they are forcing changes to some picture settings.

Av simply means that you set desired aperture, camera measures needed exposure and sets sets shutter speed accordingly. Tv means that you set desired shutter spead and camera automatically sets for correct exposure needed aperture.

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any of this you can do after you get your images on the computer. a graphics program is better to use than letting the cam do it.
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I am findind that the way I use the DL I have to almost always post process. I do not use the "green" auto mode. I find the I have to tweak the sharpness and the brightness of every picture I post. Now if the camera can do it to my liking then I ask myself why not...and then leave any further additional processing to the PP process.
Whil I find PP interesting, it gets to be a chore when you have to perform it on all pictures you select to keep.

So I say, why not?...just my nickel and dimes worth!

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your nickle and dime are appreciated.
i only shoot in raw so PP is part of the flow..

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