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You could use two crossed sticks like the Mountain Men use to do when shooting Buffalo, but short of that I find a monopod very useful in the field. It is much better than nothing at all and far less bulky than a tripod.

By the way, I also find nothing wrong with the frog photo, in fact it is very nice and sharp.

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First of all, I love the frog shot. He looks almost like he is made of green anodized aluminum, just excellent. Secondly, in regards to shooting sticks, they are still a popular shooting accessory. The only problem I could see with using them would be the sticks gripping the lens and preventing the use of the focus and zoom controls.

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another way i've used is get a flash bracket similar to mine. get a 1/2'' x 5' piece of something stiff and hold that and the grip on bracket in your left hand. the 1/2'' rod is easily adjustable for hieght by just letting it slide thru your hand. i have found this works great for macros.

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Are you using the monopod correctly? The least steady way is to use a monopod is to hold it vertically.

You'll find that holding the monopod leg out in front leaningthe cameratoward you so that you form a tripod with your two legs acting as the other legs of the tripod is significantly steadier. Not intuitively obvious, but it works.

Larry in Dallas
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Old Sep 9, 2006, 9:42 PM   #15
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Maw Harley wrote:
Ira, which ball head are you going with? I followed the tripod thread and have been checking out the dynatrans but at the budget models at 13 lb /6000 kg (?????), the ball head is a marginal deal, when you start adding the heavier older lenses, IMHO.
I won two heads with extra QR mount plates.http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...0%3D%26fvi%3D1 One is a tilt pan head, the other is a ball head. I only plan to use the ball head on a monopod where it will allow some motion but doesn't really have to support the camera on its own.

The tilt pan is to replace the quick grip ball head that came with my Dynatran tripod. The quick grip uses a pistol grip which locks and unlocks very quickly, holds reasonably well (I don't have any really heavy lenses) but is difficult to position precisely and to keep level when panning.

The quality may not be up to Bogen/ Manfrotto or Giotto level but they "look" like serviceable heads for my light duty work.

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This may be a little off the subject, but I seem to recall reading in one of the forums about a tripod that had one of the legs that could be separated and used as a monopod. I tried to find it but cannot. Does anyone else remember this or can point me in the right direction. Seems to me getting a tripod with a monopod built it would be a good idea.

Thanks. Len
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Old Sep 9, 2006, 10:37 PM   #17
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Hi Len,

That would probably be the Cullman Magic 2:


I can't personally vouch for this pod, and think that you could probably do better
getting separates.

But as always, YMMV

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Hi Ira, I have to back up and agree with you about the serviceability (sp?) of equipment other than the bogens/manfrottos and giottos. I always appreciate your perspective and that of the other members of the forum. Afterall I'm only "reading about":sad:it at this point and y'all are putting "it" to use :|. And at this point is is all just theory and the list will evolve when I get that experience with the k100d kit equipment..

Thanks again for the input.

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nlp239 wrote:
Nothing wrong with that shot but plenty with this one and many like it.

It was meant to be showing the good shots not the bad. Sorry.
OK, now I understand what you mean. Can't you just save your a** by calling it "Impressionistic experiment" ?

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bilybianca wrote:
"Impressionistic experiment" ?

OK, from now on all my Out of Focus and Shaky work will be called "Impressionistic Experiments" LOL.

Ira, I was thinking of getting that set BUT it has a 3/8" thread on the tripod side - I have 1/4" NC thread.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I was using the m'pod in exactly the same way you are recommending. Actually I was using an angle viewer - not for thefrog -since the monarchs were roosting in the trees above me. In the case of the frogs, I did have the leg further back than my heels - maybe is was too much.

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