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I'll be geting one, and keeping the D for a backup. Besides, there are situations when you want two cameras with two differrent lenses ready to go.

I hope to be able to use the 50-135 on the K10D with a 16-45 on the *istD just in case I need to grab a quick wide shot.
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I griped a bit about the lack of AAs in the other k10d thread. I can understand if AA NiMH's are not going to feed the beast, but I would like to see a push for adoption of non-proprietary standards, like the crv3s. It seems like the rechargeable crv3s are just a few hairs away from being refined.

Whatever future camera i might move on to, the DS with its exceptional battery life will always have a special place in my heart.
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Have you read this

Still noone has said the name of the Sensor, this makes me thing it ISN'T a Sony.

Also this is interesting.

In-camera RAW development
The K10D allows you to develop images shot as RAW to a JPEG with a wide range of selectable adjustments; size, compression, white balance, digital exposure compensation (+/-2 EV), tone, saturation, sharpness and contrast.

I know most of us who shoot RAW do so, so that when we get back home we can tweak and adjust to our hearts content, I cane see occasionally where you might want to shoot RAW and tweak in the field and save the jpeg and keep going.


For those diehard AA fans, sorry....

Battery grip with SD / remote holder
The optional D-BG2 has a flat profile (unlike many battery grips which have a stalk which fits into the camera battery compartment) and a dedicated connector which matches with a terminal on the base of the camera. The battery cartridge slides in from the side, it takes one additional D-LI50 battery and has space to store a spare SD card and the camera remote.

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Is this what I think it is..

Other features
• Multiple exposure (2 to 9 images, with Auto EV adjust)
Orientation sensor
• LCD panel illumination

The K10D runs on 8.3volts, thats why the AA are out, you would need six AA's to get close to that.
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A Lithium Cell puts out 3.6 volts average, so Lithium batteries can only be a multiple - 7.2 volts, 10.8 volts etc.

So the K10D will be a 7.2 volt LiIon battery, like every other large camera LiIon. The operating range will be 8.4 to 6.0 volts.

The 8.3 volts will be the external supply voltage.

The battery voltage will be converted internally to the processor/motor voltages - 3 volts etc.


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