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My wife & I were on our way to a restaurant in a little town north of where we live last night & I looked up to discover these colors from the sunset. I justdon't recall seeing rays form this way before. It was just with the kit lens at 1/6 f6.7 45mm 400iso handheld...had to touch up a dust spot with pse3 :sad:...otherwise orginal. I think I'm taking it in to get the sensor cleaned. I keep trying a nasal aspirator but it seems like it just moves it around no matter how I hold the camera (which is normally upside down to let it fall out)
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Very cool, I haven't seen that sort of sky before either. At least you got the shot, last week I saw the most amazing colour in clouds at sunset but I couldn't go out and get a picture.

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cleaning the sensor is a piece of cake. you can probably get a cleaning kit for 1/2 what somebody is going to charge you to clean it. i clean mine at least once a month..

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Very cool photo!

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Thanks for the comments, guys! Roy, I'm curious what you use to perform your monthly cleaning. I stopped by the local camera shop & they suggested this


it's a vacuum that lifts the dust off of the sensor, but they suggested not to use the swabs(understandable) ... oh yeah, the cost is $80 (same as a local pro would charge w/o waiting for 2-3 weeks) Then I went across town to another store (same company) to check on their used lenses & they informed me to be very careful using this product because it would void the sensor's warranty. He also assured me that more than likely if the dust is movable with a nasal aspirator or a turkey baster then this kit would be fine so ..... thought I would ask for your opinions & suggestions!

Thanks as always,

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Just thought You might be interested in the kit i use


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