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About the question of whether the 50mm 1.4 is sharper than the 50mm 1.7. I have M versions of both lenses and find that the 1.4 is softer focusing to infinity at 1.4 than the 1.7 is at 1.7. I now use it at 2.0 or more and it's just as sharp. I posted a couple of comparison shots taken at f8 and didn't see much difference - thought the 1.4 had atiny bitbetter color (someone else descibed it as a bit more "punchy") but the differences were small. If given a choice of equal models of the lens (both M or both A or both FA, whatever) I'm not sure I'd paya premium for the 1.4 over the 1.7, at least judging from my 2 lenses.

I've replaced my kit lens pretty much with the M 50mm 1.4 and an M 24mm 2.8 - I don't find a desire to shoot things in between these 2 lenses, and it's nice having the faster lenses. I don't miss the zoom at all (though I do use the DA 50-200 all the time).
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bobinoz wrote:
Imade a big mistake and bought acheap old secondhand 50mm Pentax 1.7 lens..... I took it out this weekend and i'vefallen in love with the crisp, blurry background pictures it takes.I did miss theautofocus andzoom convenience of the Sigma 18-125mmbut when you compare the picturesthequalityisn't evenclose... Not sure I'll ever be satisfied with the Sigma now....

Is there a zoom lens with autofocus that would get near to the 50mm lens for sharp pictures? Does anyone have experience with theTamron 28-75MM F2.8lens orSigma 28-70mm2.8?
I'm in the exactly the same situation as you! Started with the Sigma 18-125, then bought a Pentax M 50mm 1.7
I was amazed with this
cheap little lense, the Sigma hardly gets any use now.
Sometimes I wish it was a little wider though, I may have to track down the Pentax 28mm (f2??)
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Same here. Bought the Sigma 24-135 in first week of owning my DL and hardly use this lens at all. I have my new FA 50/1.4 mounted all the time now and kit lens 18-55 as a back up WA lens until I get money to order the DA 21mm pancake lens to fill my WA needs. May pickup a DA 70mm if possible later but I'm seriously considering gettting a K10D first.

Primes are always batter than zoom lens.
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Nice photo, but if you toook that while working does it mean there's a poor bugger crunched underneath it?

Not been to Cottesloe but heard nice things about it. There's a nice spot off the Bower at Manly but so far I've been out in the water trying to surf it rather than taking photos. Still crap after 3 years of trying to surfso maybe should change to taking photos....

Back on to topic, with the benefit ofhindsight would youget the Sigma 28-70 again or stick to a 17mm, 50mm (and possibly longer prime)with zooms just for longer reach?Basically that's the decision I'm trying to make.


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I went with the 28-70mm as the professional newspaper photographers were using them and I thoughtif it is a good enough range for them then it should be good enough range for me. The f/2.8 speed is just great for when you need that extra shutter speed.

I noted another newspaper guy the other day shooting me and he was using another canon lens (I think) 16mm to something, I did not pay much attention to the top end of the focal range other than it was a 16mm at the bottom and the lens speed was pretty normal like in the f/4 range.

Hard to say if I would just stick with the one lens or go "17mm, 50mm (and possibly longer prime)". I have a longer prime, a fantastic Vivitar 135mm f/2.8.

No sorry, I would buy the 28-70mm f/2.8 to start with and then keep an eye out for the other lenses, remember my others cost stuff all, 135mm cost me about $25 (inc postage from UK), 50mm cost about $50, 17mm cost $70, so for under $150 I got those three primes. Never underestimate the pawn shops too and don't restrict yourself to Pentax and Sigma brand names. Nothing like trying a lens on the camera and taking a couple of pics to see what it can do.

I must admit to spending an hour each day huntingthe "Newly listed" section of Pentax lenses when I was suffering some serious LBA.

I think because I haven't made up my mind about what I consider myself good at shooting (scenic, landscape, portrait, action etc) that I have hedged my bets with my lens purchases. I should set myself a challenge or two and just take one lens out for the day and force myself to try different types of photography.
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My tamron 28-75 f/2.8 only just arrived. I bought it off ebay for a really good price and I've just taken a few photos. Here is one I just took of my cat outside with no flash just to give an idea of what it is like.
Attached Images
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ksurfer wrote:

That Tamron is not bad at all. When I bought it I have heard of ssome QC issues, but since I had it I have been extremely happy with it. And never heard any QC issues since.

I've seen reviews on the Tamron lens you are talking about for a variety of slr cameras, and there seems to be a quality control issue with it, where some needed to be taken back for recalibrating. Other than that people seemed to be impressed with it and its sharpness. I've been interested in this lens also, being disappointed by the18-55 pentax kit lens, but will likely go for the pentax 50mm 1.4.
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