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I am an avid nature photographer, and have thoughtof going for a k10D...

However I am not familiar with pentax lenses..(Nikon previously)...What would be a good one for equivalent of 300mm -35mm and costing around 300US??
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Welcome to the Friendly Pentax Forum, Chesslanka!

Good, very good, are the 200 mm f2.8 Star lenses. There are two varieties, the manual focus SMC-A* 200 mm f2.8 and the auto focus SMC-FA* 200 mm f2.8.

Both are still available new from a Swedish Internet retailer, Scandinavian Photo, price 13000 SEK, approx 1800 USD. (same price for both!)

I bought my A* used, pristine,from a local site for approx 275 USD. Unfortunately you seldom find them for sale, though. If you stumble over one at an affordable price, buy it!

Two other top quality Pentax lenses are the 70-210 mm zooms. A manual SMC-A f4, (the best) and auto focus SMC-F f4-5.6, very close in optical quality. I have the F-version, Robar and Monza have the A version. We are all very satisfied with these lenses. These go for around 100-150 USD on ebay and are found at least once a week there.

For birding the A* 300 mm f4 (manual) and F* or FA* 300 mm f 4.5 (auto focus) lenses are extremely sought after, but the prices have gone through the roof, count on 1000 USD or more for a used one.

Now I have been talking about the very best of the best, prices are accordingly. Pentax primes have an overall very high quality. Some zooms like the ones mentioned above are very good, others are more like "average".

Two links to do your homework on Pentax lenses: http://www.bdimitrov.de/kmp/and http://stans-photography.info/

There are third party lenses that others will recommend, but I have no experience of them and can't say anything about them. I'm sure there are some good alternatives to look for in that direction.

Go for Pentax, you won't regret it! There are some 20 million lenses waiting to be bought by you!

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I bought my Vivitar 400mm telephoto for use in motorsport photography for just under $150 Australian.

I do have to manually meter and focus, but for an effective 600mm focal length I am extremely happy with the results.

I also use an older Sigma 70-30mm zoom, effectively max focal lenght 450mm. A bit heavy and bulky but it does have auto focus and I can use all the metering modes on my DS.

The advantage of the Pentax is that all the old lens, even the screw mounts will work on the camera, such as my Tokina 300mm ( effective 450mm), I probably paid under $100 Australian for this one. The screw mounts will work in apeture priority mode as well as full manual metering.

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Thanks both..........I will try togo for the auto focus SMC-F f4-5.6 70-210mm..... and maybe shift to manual focus after the trying days are over

And thanks for the links too

I must say, I was a bit dissapointed with the homepage of pentax which doesnt give any hint of lensaccessories with the camera, comparing to the easy layout given by canon...

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Pentax has never been exactly on top of it with their marketing. Pentax has always been a bit of a "secret" passion for its top-notch optics, but they sometimes make you search for information.
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Had a look around and was wondering about

Pentax SMC 75-300mm FA J Zoom Lens

Any comments?
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