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BenjaminXYZ wrote:
Sometimes I feel the reaction of some Pentaxians who are 101% loyal to their brand is totally unexplainable. When there are bugs in the firmware of our cameras, any user *should* hope that the bugs will be got rid of by Pentax as soon as possible, logically and normally. However, this does not usually happen. So, do they love their cameras (actually the brand) so much that even they love the bugs a lot and don't want them to go away?

Instead, they want the user(s) who reported the bugs to go away! Amazing!

LOL! I couldn't stop laughing when I read this post of yours!! :lol:Nice one!
Then you must be as dim witted as he is
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I have to admit that RiceHigh's viewsomehow make sense. The minor problems relect the attitude of the company. Maybe one day it'll come with a bigger problem.

However, it's extremely discouraging to keep on talking about the small problems that most people don't really care, especially in a forum that everybody loves pentax.

We deserve to know the down side of the products, and personallyI don't mind how tinythe reportedproblem is, so that I'll know what I would accept and what I should be careful with. But on the other hand, none of these problems would ever shake the royality of thepeople here. It's reallyunpleasant to hear the complains that they don't think it should be complaint.

For thereal testingdata he offers, Ireally appriciate RiceHigh's work. But stating only the problems doesn't help theusers as much as it may help the company,that is, if the company taking his words seriously. As users, we want to hear "fair" comments. By saying fair, I mean that cons are stated in comparison to other brands/models, and pros stated similarly so that people can see the whole picture. It'll be bad thatafter someone doesn't know pentax well reads the "review", he would conclude that this brand sucks. I would rather see him concludes, this brand sucks in this way, but other brands suck morein the other way. This will be equivilent to other brands are great, but this brand is greater.
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You know this is just AMAZING !!!! Good catch. I've probably read literally thousands of threads on Pentax DSLR's and not 1 bug report (except for the exposure compensation and auto iso "bug" issue which I don't completely recall, but was much more crucial than these 2 combined). Then again I would bet that ALL software has bugs (seen or unseen) and some more critical than others....Actually most software is released buggy and it is up to us to "beta test" it for them. An annoying practice if you ask me:O
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I must confess to conflicting views concerning Ricehigh's testing and opinions.

At first I was overwhelmed and impressed by the extent of testing carried out. Then I was annoyed over all the nit-picking of every little item.

Now, though, I accept RH's testing and opinions as just that. His opinions which he chooses to share with us, and which we can read or ignore. I think you will find that (at the risk of being barred) Steve's reviews could be criticised to varying degrees by peoples personal opinions, but what is the point?

RH is also right to suggest that some in here have 101% brand loyalty and don't like to admit to any defects, real or imagined, in their brand. Not so long ago Cannon and Nikon owners were being slammed for their blind loyalty.

Maybe I am strange, but I prefer to read and take on board the information I choose. Some comes from this forum, some from other sites, some from magazines, some from real people. This way, I am aware of the other cameras, their pros and cons, and am satisfied I made the right choice for me.

Rather than have a go at RH, either read his reviews and take on board his comments, or ignore him and don't rise to the bait.

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