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So, I was recently at a camera store here in Japan, and it happenned to have both the K100D and an older Pentax lens available. I was curious to test the K100Ds compatibility, and, after a lot of pestering, the salesman let me screw on the lens, though he was sure that it wouldn't work.

He was right, while the lens fit fine, the camera would not shoot with it on. He said that it was too old (about 20 years old), and thus did not have autofocus, which the K100 apparently needed-- at least I think thats what he said, my Japanese is pretty lousy. From what I've read on this forum, I was a bit surprised, as I was not expecting this. Could somebody explain to me (in English) what might have gone wrong?


- Bpp
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Yeah it uses all the old lenses, with screw mount you need the bayonet to M42 screw adapter. The k100d comes with the use aperture ring mode set to off by default. Go into the custom menu and enable it. Then flick the switch below the lens to MF (manual focus) and Bobs your uncle.
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What's really surprising is the guy selling the camera and not knowing how to do this. Typical....Don
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i have yet to find a lens that will not work on any of the digital bodies. you just did not know how to use it.. i would have thought different about japan but the saleman shows they are no better than the salesmen here in the states. 20 years old is not an old lens IMHO. most of my manual lenses are pushing 30 and they work great.

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The salesman did not know about the MF/AF switch? My lord, go to another camera store immediatly, that one will only give you more trouble.

The K100D will work with every Pentax fitted lens out there.

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