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it's easy to 'upgrade' to a K mount

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point taken, but i hope samsung will bring out a k100d counterpart, seing as that is what i really want.
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just wondering how many of you all would run out and buy the samsung come next month? I prefer the pentax name on my camera body, but the k10d is slated for a later release (?) and then WHAM! Here comes the samsung next month?! Also, what will the price point be? will the samsung be much more cheaper? I have to admit that if it is, I would most definitly buy it over the k10d? sorry cost is important to me. How is the build quality with the samsungs? i would definitly worry about this more in the samsung body than the pentax if i were an early adopter of one these new dslrs. This is not because i dislike samsung, but rather somewhere in my mind i would expect the fit and finish in the pentax to be superior? not sure if that makes sense.

This is a very strange occurence (to me). To have one manufacturer announce a higly aniticpated, feature laden new product that marks its step up into the professional ranks and then have its partner company roll out the same product ahead of time. i really thought samsung would just stick to the Dseries clones.

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I was just in the camera shop picking the salesman's brain in anticipation of the K10d I intend to buy.. The way he explained the Pentax/Samsung relationship to me was so that in the US anyway, they'd have a brand to put into the Best Buy type places next to the Nikons and Canons. Ever seen a Pentax dSLR in one of those places?? I know the Circuit City I went to to look for the K100 didn't carry the pentax dSLRs.. Pentax for some reason, in so many words as he put it, would rather remain a camera shop brand rather than a discount electronics brand.
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I don't see any mention of the Samsung version having an external grip, unless I missed it. That eliminages the Samsung as far as I'm concerned.
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I think both cameras essentially same

I asked a friend from malaysia abt release dates, and he will tell soon (cameras usually appear in asia earlier and for better prices:-) )

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