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This forum has been of great assistance. I am going to order my K100D tomorrow - my wife and sons - say Happy Birthday! So what I was going to do, is to order essentially a 2 lens kit consisting of:The 18-55 comes in the kit for essentially an extra $16 and I was going to pick up the 50-200 with the $50 rebate so that I would have a compete range to about 300mm (35mm equivalent).

My interests lie mainly in landscapes and interiors (museums) [we are going on vacation to Europe next summer] so my wife suggested going ahead and getting a better wide angle lens (especially since there is the rebate on the 16-45).However, in reading, thinking, considering, pondering - while I was waiting - cooling my heels, so that my wife and sons could get me something for my birthday - I was thinking of rather than another wide angle zoom lense, going for a limited prime in the wide angle rangeThe lens should be much sharper and somewhat faster (f3.2) than the zoom(f4), also it would be much lighter (4.7 vs 12.9oz), however the field of view would not be as wide, 68 degrees vs 83 to 35 degrees for the zoom. The 16-45 should correct the 18-55 kit lens problems at 18 with vignetting.

The 16-45 has great reviews. The primes in general, especially the limiteds have great reviews, however, I have found very few on only the 21mm.

So what are some of the opinions here?

I would like to pick the items up so that I can practice, before we leave in the summer. I like to stitch panoramas and also I want to expirement with high range definition, and especially the combination of the two. My wife would kill me if I got both, and I also want to limit the amount I carry. I figure I could carry both zooms and the prime is so small it would not matter. If I go the zoom route, I would carry the 16-45 and the 50-200, leaving the 18-55 home.

So what am I leaving out?
  • If I go the zoom (16-45) I want to purchase before Oct 11 to get the rebate. [/*]
  • If I go the prime route, there is no rebate, so I could pick that up anytime.[/*]
Or do I go the zoom route with the rebate now and save my lunch money (and diet) so as to pick up the prime later on - then carry the 16-45, 50-200 and the 21 prime.

Image quality wise (I was going to shoot RAW):
  • Are the primes that much better?[/*]
  • Would I have more versitility with the prime and the kit zoom, together?[/*]
  • For stitching and HDR, would the prime be a better way to go - especially for large scale interiors?[/*]
  • Traveling - what combination would be the easiest?[/*]
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I bought the 16-45mm because it has such great reviews and I saved $175 over the 21mm prime. It should be delivered next week. when I get it I will post some samples.

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Sounds like you have a good case of LBA!

If it were me, I'd either skip the kit lens or the 16-45, and since I'm usually short of money I'd get the kit lens. It probably isn't as good as the other one (I don't know that for a fact, though), but its OK and a good price.

I lust after any Limited lens - the pictures I've seen people post taken with them are really awesome! However, they are out of my price-range. Also, since you are talking about taking pictures in museums where they usually forbid flash photography, I'd want to get as fast a lens as I could. I'd probably look around for a used 24 or 28mm 2.8 lens. If you don't mind focusing manually, the M24mm 2.8might be an option since it is an old lens (I have one anduse it far more with the dSLR than I ever didwith a film camera), thoughan FA lens would be more convenient.

Anyway, those are a couple of alternatives I thought about.
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I also have to Agree with Mtngal. Dont Buy both the 18-55 and the 16-45. Get one or the other.
I also lust after the limited Lenses, But again more money than I Can afford.
May i suggest the Pentax FA 35 F2.0. I believe "Ira" Has this lense and Could answer any Questions.

My 2 cents

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