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Just my 2 cents - my boyfriend gave me an SLR camera when we were dating in 1980. I have no idea why -I don't think I had expressed any interest in having anything more than a P&S camera. It just happened to be a Pentax ME and I spent many years shooting all kinds of pictures with it.

So when I started looking at dSLRs I already had a number of lenses and other accesories. The cost savings in lenses was a big deal with me, but still I looked at Canon and Nikon, thinking that perhaps the budget would stretch to a Rebel XT.

I loved the size and weight of the DS - that was the deciding factor for me. The use of my old manual lenses led me to the Pentax camera in the first place, the ergonomics sold it.
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I feel the same way most of the posters here do. It felt right in my hands I think was the selling point.

I had wanted a DSLR ever since my husband had bought me a digital 3.2MP a few years ago. I found myself taking it and my Canon Rebel film with me everywhere. I wanted the creativity I could use the Canon for, but the instant feedback of the digital. Waited and waited and back in May had started looking into the EVF's thinking I could save a few bucks that way. Quickly discovered I would probably not be happy with it and dismissed the whole idea of buying a DSLR for the price range of them. Figured I'd have to wait a few more years until the price came down more.

Then,I read something about the Pentax and thought, okay, I can do this. Went looking at C and N as people kept telling me they were best. Looked at KM and Pentax because they were more affordable. Couldn't see anything about the Pentax I didn't like. Had been hoping to get C so I could use my current lens. Found out that would be a waste as the SR was in their lens, not the camera.

I even went to a Rick Sammons seminar to see what he had to say about DSLR's. He would only recommend Canon. (Of course, they are his sponsor.) He told me I was wasting my money buying Pentax.

I went shopping to feel the cameras (the K100D wasn't out yet) and just didn't feel I was ready to spend that much money on what was there. Stumbled upon theK100D about a month later. I held it, played around with it and went back three days later to buy it.

The only problem I've had is with the auto focusing at times. And, I suspect it might be that I need to change some settings on it. Just haven't had time to figure out what yet!

I think once I get past the learning curve of this camera as I had with my Canon, I will be very happy for a long time with this camera.
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jmvideo wrote:
In your opinion, what makes Pentax cameras better than, say, Canon or Nikon?
One word: Optics, which have never been matched by any others. But Pentax optics in 70s are better than those in 80s (build is not as good for AF lenses) which are better than those in 90s ("thinner" SMC coatings) and still better than those made in the Millenium! (really strange optical characteristics of those Pentax digital lenses which produce images which don't have any true Pentax taste which IMHO is far superior, on any body including both film and DSLRs, afterall).

Believe or not, if you have an old Pentax M42 SMC or Takumar lens and mount on any Pentax DSLR body, you will see what a *lens* should be for its precision, high build quality and good image reproduction perfection, for every image aspect.

I'm afraid that the close to the true old Pentax optics which you can buy now is only the *Film* FA series limited lenses (3 nos. only). But then I can say the distortion of the 43 limited is actually much more than the old Pentax standard lenses of 50mm and 40mm. I don't like the new DA limited lenses as they are by no means can be matched to the old ones, MHO again.

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jmvideo wrote:
In your opinion, what makes Pentax cameras better than, say, Canon or Nikon?
Started with a Spotmatic (New) and some M42 lenses, while my friend bought a Nikon. He now has a D200 and I have a DS and we both are extremely happy with the system we decided on.

I feel Pentax glass is the best out there, which is why I have stayed with Pentax all these years. The cameras are small and very full featured, along with the backward compatibility of the lenses, makes Pentax my choice instead of Nikon or Canon.

Not that N & C don't make good cameras, just not the cameras for me and my style of shooting.


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I'm in the midst of thinking whether I should stick with Pentax after almost 40 years, 3 Pentax SLR bodies, innumerable Pentax/Takumar lens, etc.

I have a mid 80's Pentax 35-105 Zoom with Macro and it's still fantastic.

I was convinced that I would get, as my first D-SLR a Nikon D70s, as I was not impressed with the new Pentax K100/110.

But that has all changed with the new Pentax K10. This is a very impressive camera, with 10 + MP, sensor cleaning, weather resistant gasket, stainless steel frame, etc.

I'm holding off till I start to see tests, prices etc., on the new K10. This maybe Pentax's salvation and I may go for this over the D70s, D50, D80, etc.
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I compared Pentax *istD,* Nikon D100 and Canon 10D and* to*me Pentax was a better camera. Guess Im happy now with my choise back then )
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Over the years I had put together a nice set of the best Pentax lenses, that is to say the best lenses any brand, so with the backwards compatibility there was no other choice. Was happy to realise that Pentax still offers what made me pick it the first time: compact size and best ergonomics. I'm quite happy with my *istDS whilst putting money aside for the K10D or its successor. As long as the older lenses work with the new bodies I won't even think of changing brand. And then I like to be with the underdog.

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Old Sep 25, 2006, 2:46 AM   #28
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I choose Pentax because it's the best camera in the world for the money.

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I lusted after the Spotmatic at first sight. When I had the opportunity to get one at a reasonable price (new for $100 with a 50mm 1.4), I jumped. It was everything I wanted, and it was easy after that.

The SuperProgram introduced me to both automatic exposure and the K-mount while enabling me to use all my M-42 lenses. And, it was smaller than my Spottie.

My wife insisted that I get a camera for our 30th anniversary while we were in Singapore. So, the business trip took me home with a Z-1 that opened up the world of autofocus and power zoom lenses. I'm one of what appears to be a very few that really likes that feature.

Working in technology, I closely followed the evolution of digital photography and nurtured another lust. This time it was for a DSLR. Being used to selecting appropriate lenses for specific shots, I knew that this could involve a significant lens investment if I switched manufacturers. Luckily, I did not like the way the ones I could afford felt.

Along came the *istD. I made sure not to even pick one up for months because I knew what would become inevitable. I finally gave in and discovered that it just felt right and worked so much like the Z-1 that there was no question of what was going to happen.

In my case, I guess the real question is why I buy Pentax (not a Pentax). The answer is that the lenses are great and the bodies n-e-v-e-r let me down.

Larry in Dallas (hmm, K10D ...)
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(1) In camera image stabilization. Nikon and Canon didn't have it. The K100 sold itself on that one parameter alone.

(2) Double A batteries.

(3) Supposedly bigger viewfinder.

(4) Price. The most bang for the least buck.

(5) Ability to use old lenses, which is now a necessity because Pentax is getting like Canon and I can not begin to afford any of the * lenses.

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