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In your opinion, what makes Pentax cameras better than, say, Canon or Nikon?
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jmvideo schreef:
In your opinion, what makes Pentax cameras better than, say, Canon or Nikon?
The question is: Why did you buy a Pentax.

I bought a Pentax because i did not have any arguments to change brand.

And the man in the camerashop went along with me so I did not hear anything that could change my mind.


The second question: What makes Pentax cameras better than Canon or Nikon.

I cannot answer that question, I never had a Canon or Nikon camera. But I think that you can make a list of likes and dislikes of each camera and that it will be a matter of what is important to you.

Richard who still likes his *IST dl very much.

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Originally bought a film body back in the mid 80's because of the small size (travel). Once I had a few lenses, I stuck with the system. I bought a few other film bodies and accessories so when I went digital I kept with Pentax so I kept the number of new goodies to a minimum.

Turns out to have been a good (and lucky) move.

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I was Already a Pentax owner from the Late 70's. So i already had Lenses. When i decided to get the DSLR. I made it a point to Check all Brands. In the end i narrowed it down to Nikon D70 And the DS. However the DS just felt better in my hand and I had All My Pentax M-Lenses. So i Decided that the Pentax made the most scence.


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BK pretty much summed it up for me with his post. i had 4 primes from the late '70s and they work marvelously with the DS.

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my reasons for choosing pentax (ist dl);

price (both the initial cost of the camera and kit lens, and the lower cost of adding more lenses later because of the availability of used Pentax lenses)

i had owned a k-1000 and 4 pentax lenses and was happy with the quality

i seriously considered the olympus e-500 two lens kit as it was close in price (if you lucked out on e-bay) but i couldn't see the info in the viewfinder without moving my head around (i wear glasses) and the longer zoom included in the kit wasn't as long as i really wanted which would mean buying another (expensive) lens.

i lurked on this forum for a while and was impressed with the people who posted here, and they mostly seemed very satisfied with their cameras. there are few photographers in the tiny town where i live (and none i know of with dslrs) so i kind of depended on these folks for the personal recommendation thing

if i had had say $2-3k to spend i probably would have ended up with a C. with my budget the ist dl was the best value for dollar. i am not unhappy with my choice and now with the new pentaxes available or announced if i want to upgrade in the future i can with out breaking the bank.

all the best, eric
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In answer to your question,what makes Pentax better? For me it would be the price. A woman I respect and admire(yes we have dated) is getting married in October. Back at the begining of August she had asked me to photograph her wedding. At the time I told her all I have is a P&S and might be able to borrow my dads Nikon 35mm and I'm hardly a professional photographer. But she said they just didn't have enough cash for a pro and would be happy with anything I could do. So I said yes, as any friend would. I got to thinking it might be time to upgrade my P&S from the Kodak 5mp 3X zoom model I currently owned, so I started looking around a bit. Saw an ad in the paper at the local camera store for the first dslr that I might be able to afford. It was the Pentax DL, on sale with rebate. So I drove on down and took a look at it and the Nikon 50. Both were within range although the Nikon was 100 bucks more. So I came home, did a search on line, and found that the Pentax was backward compatible with a HUGE selection of lenes.It was a decent camera and might fit the bill. So I took the plunge. Now all I have to worry about is taking the best pics possible with the little set up I have. Damn I wish I could afford a medium format lol. If I had tons of cash, I might have went with C or N. One of the pro models with the huge MP count etc. But on my budget, as an amature just learning whats what? There was only one choice really. Pentax.
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Count me in with the last few posts. I had old spotmatic from a pawn shop (my brother also has a couple of pentax lens) so when I went to update my film camera, I really liked the zx7 & it just made sense. Then when I wanted to go digital, I went at it with an open mind & willing to get rid of a couple of lenses if nedd be. So I found dpreview.com, read the reviews of the pentaxes, a few canons, & a dozen or so nikons. Then a friend let me borrow his ist-ds for a couple of months & I was sold! I went to local camera shop & picked up an ist-dl & I think a nikon d50. The dl just felt right in my hands as soon as I picked up....I purposedly tried the nikon 1st & it just didn't feel right! No comparisonbut along the same lines, a week before I met my wife, I met another girl but went to give her a hug & "it just didn't feel right" so..... over 8years later, it still feels right!!:-)

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jmvideo wrote:
In your opinion, what makes Pentax cameras better than, say, Canon or Nikon?
They aren't, they're just what we chose for.

I bought the DL because of 2 things: the way it was built (looks & feels nice to me) and for the largest part the fact that I got one for an amazing price.

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I'm not really sure why. I wanted to upgrade to dSLR from my FZ 10, I was thinking about C 350D but then I read in Panasonic section of this forum about Pentax and lens compatibility, so I went to shop feel it (it was DL2) liked it, was 70 pound cheper than 350D and bought it. without reading any reviews. I just looked at photos posted on this forum and I liked them. so for the price of 350D I have DL2 with kit lens, M 50mm 1.7 and Vivitar series 1 70-210 (both of ebay)and I'm happy with that.


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