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Monza76 wrote:
I believe there was a humourous reference to the other meaning in one of the Naked Gun films. It involved a ladder and a taxidermy beaver.
You've done it again, Ira. I was just thinking of referring to that scene to let nlp know that I understood before I read your post. And this is how I learnt the double meaning of this word...

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Very Nice. And congrats on the catchy title. I clicked on it instantly!!! lol

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these are nice ira. where i grew up we had the beaver's cousin the nutria. they didn't buid dams but they do dig leg breaking caves. it's one of the meanest animals aroud but make good pets if gotten when young.

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just a little wildlife lore from a former trapper (haven't trapped since '91). the "daddy" beaver isthe larger one that patrols and defends his territory. he'll also make castor piles, little heaps of debris mixed with castor, a strong smelling secretion, to mark his territory. trappers sometimes use knowledge of this behaviour to catch the big male since it seems he is replaceable but if the mother beaver is caught the colony will often disperse.

all the best, eric
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