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I have been truly inspired by the quality of posts here on this Forumn. I purchased my *istDL earlier this year and I am still tinkering with it - as well as spending money on accessories. I've learned a lot from your postings here.

Thank you all for the Flash tread - it helped me select my Sigma flash and has helped me understand and use it better.

Likewise, thank you all for the various lens discussions. They helped me select my Sigma zoom which I'm just starting to play with.

Anyway, here is my first attempt to post a photo for consideration and comment. I can't remember all of the technical details (I'll check on my Mac at home tonight to grab some more details). The photo was taken hand held, with the kit lens, possibly in Macro mode and no flash.

I took a number of photos of this little guy but this one is by far the best of the lot. I've done no post processing to it except to reduce it to 72 dpi and resizing in order to post it here.

It is a photo I like the more I look at it. I love the details of the dragonfly's body and the top of the fence post (I think the staples in the foreground give it a bit of scale). The wings are a bit out of focus but the body is nicely done.

Any comments are welcome.

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Hi Marcel,

Congrats on your new *ist DL. I'm sure you'll love it. It's one of the best camera values out there.

Your shot is great! You really got a sharp shot, which is something I struggle with. I can't really suggest much to improve it. Keep up the good work and keep posting.

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Here are some of the technical details I pulled out of iPhoto:Speed 1/125Aperature: F8.0Focal length 50mmISO 200
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very nice marcel, welcome to the board.. you're DF is an excellent shot. i like the staples also..

edit: are you sure there was no flash??? the reason i ask is because of the black background... me,,, i use flash a lot because i like the black back ground. it sets off the subject usually..
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Great shot. I know first-hand what a pain these can be to shoot. (Oh yeah, and get in sharp focus!!)

Pushing the aperature to f16 may have got the wings in better focus, but at that distance DoF is severely limited.

As Roy said, it does look as though the flash has been used due to the background.


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You are right about the DOF problem for these things, my shotgot the wing muscles in focus, rather than the head, I wish i had used a smaller aperture. I was using a Samsung, which is the same as a *istDL2, so thought i would add to this thread (hope you don't mind).

It was quite a bright day, the dragonfly kept landing on a wooden fence, I pointed the camera just above the fence to try and capture either lift of or return landing. The background has not been touched. This is a heavy crop and has been sharpened, no other PP.

Shot with [highlight= #ffff88]Samsung GX 1L at 1/1500 at f5.6 ISO 400on the 55 - 200mm kit lens. The shot makes a nice 8 x 10 print and will encourageme return to the field to get a better capture.

I think the sun has bounced of the dragonfly, causing the background to substantially underexpose, hence the unusual blue background.

I would love to know what it is - can anyone identify it ? thanks


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Very nice shot Marcel, it looks as sharp as anyone could ask for.

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Marcel, I love the way the lighting has so much DR and the body is sharp, and then the wings start to go into softer focus.

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