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What do you use/prefer?

My first impressions of my DS2's focussing is that it's somewhat slow. The multi-point focussing seems to hesitate before it decides.

Intuatively, I think single point might suit me better. What do you use most?

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i use center single, but, out of 12 lenses i only have the kit lense that is AF. guess i'm not one to listen too..
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I use 'Select Focus Point i.e. set the focus area to one of eleven areas in the AF area' which allows me to determine which part of the object I want to be in focus & sharp.
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i use the centre point almost exclusively on my ist dl since then i know which one it's going to use. the dl only offers a 3 point multi point however. i have done a little experimenting with the multi point when shooting a moving subject that i didn't necessarrilly want in the middle of the frame, but i really haven't done enough of that to decide if it worked like i hoped.

all the best, eric
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selectable mode to select which AF point with the arrow keys
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Found the same with the hunting on my DL2, but then I changed the screen to a split/prism and set the focus point to spot. Now I know where the focal point is at all times.

I also find it can hunt if I put it into continuous shooting mode.


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I think multi-point autofocus is one of the most incredably useless inventions ever produced by a culture that is swamped with useless toys.

How is the camera supposed to know where in the frame is your focus point? I use either center or select a specicic focus point to make sure what the camera is focusint on is what I want it to.

The split image screen is a pretty good idea, I really miss it. I think I'll get one, especially since autofocus is not necessarily as accruate as the camera makers would like us to think. Besides, with all those manual focus lenses (of which I own a great number) it is just plain easier.
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Multipoint is very good when you are shooting in one of the auto pic modes. It maps the area of your framed shot and then compares the different depths of your image againts many thousands of profiles it has in the camera and determines the most appropriate shutter/aperture combination to give you correct exposure and focus.

Example, you have 5 or 6 people standing around a BBQ (it's and Aussie thing :lol it determines that there are a group of objects at 4-5 metres, and a background at 15 metres, it then decides that obviously the group of objects are the subject and creates the appropriate profile of aperture and shutter to give a point of focus starting at 4 metres and extending to at least 5 metres and suitably exposed.

Thats the joy of the auto modes, in Av, Tv, and Manual modes all it is doing is mapping the focal points and trying to decide on the appropriate subject based on your settings and framing, thats why it hunts occasionally to focus on the point you have decided is the subject, it might not agree:?.

We are all trying to be great photographers and as a result we are tryig to do everything ourselves, manual this and manual that, ...I know.... I do.

But we sometimes forget that the camera has some pretty great automatic settings that are designed for the beginner, the lazy photographer or the photographer having a bad day. I have been all three some days.:G

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