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I know, it is cheap, it vignettes at 18mm, it has barrel distortion galore and I think it is great.

Anyone who visits here regularly will probably notice me favouring the Sigma 24-135mm f2.8/4.5, or praising the performance of the cheap and modest 100-300mm f4.7/5.8, but I must say that the new DA lenses are truly a joy to use. I get sharp images, good close focus performance and that marvelous quick shift manual focus feature. The Sigma is faster and the old M 50mm f1.7 can be sharper but this humble little piece of budget glass produces results that are far better than this price point implies. I find myself using this lens more often as time passes. I used it almost exclusively at the wedding I shot in July, and although it lacks the reach it sure is a light and compact design compared with the Sigma monster.

Perhaps I will invest in the DA 50-200mm when I can afford it. The new Pentax Lens Roadmap includes some promising developments, but alas most will be beyond my budget (Limited and DA* lenses are rather pricey for an amateur on a budget).

I have seen manyposts here on the kit lens, not all being good. Anyone elsecare to comment?

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The kit lens is quite versatile allowing good close up performance as well as covering 18 to 55 mm. Apart from vignetting at 18mm which is obvious against a sky shot, I only notice the barrel distortion when merging severalimages into a panoramic landscape - however, Panorama Factory v4 does a good job of stitching these together.

I also use the Pentax DA 50-200mm which compliments the 'kit lens'.

I used to use a Sigma 28-135mm Macro which is kinda heavy, but it's let down by inferior image quality when compared against the DA lens so it's been overshadowed of late.

This shot ofa Dark Bush-Cricket (female), using the DA 18-55mm was taken at 1/90S F6.7 ISO 200
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I agree. I use kit 18-55 more than the Sigma 24-135. It's much lighter and smaller. Vignetting @ 18mm is a let down but I was able to use PPL3 to correct it. Although Sigma 24-135 is a faster lens, it is pretty much useless (too soft) fromwideopento F 4.0.

Cape May, DA 18-55 @ 18mm

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i don't remember too many complaints about the kit lens. i think it's a pretty good perfomer.

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I like the 18-55mm lens! It is light weight and is a good focal range combination. I continue to use it more all the time. Thanks Pentax for a good value based lens.
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