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This question is directed to Pentax owners only, since owners of other brands must change their lens when the camera is changed:blah:

:?I know some have several lenses of all shapes, sizes and focal lengths in their bag or case... but I was just thinking:idea:if you had a good lens, that performed very well and met all your needs as to sharpness, contrast, color and all the other critical requirements one might place on a lens... would you sell it at a reduced price to one of the several used equipment houses. I know, I know, we all like to thin out our inventory at times but I'm excluding those instances. I'll wager most of us would get rid of a "dog" to any place that would take it. I don't think many of us Pentaxians would sell or pawn off our good lenses at a reduced price unless theywere redundant.:?This was just a question bouncing around in my pea-brain... if the lens was so great why sell it cheap... something to ponder in my old age, about buying a used lens that had all the "modern conveniences"that someone else didn't want. When I purchased my new lens, I looked for one that was not on the used market as one of the main criteria. Was I totally out of the game?
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I have bought two SMC-A*, a Pentax HQ teleconverter and aSMC-F 70-210 zoomon the used market, and I can promise that they are no "dogs". The fact is that there are people that have a little to much money, get their hands on a photo magazine or get the idea from a friend and then buy a full kit of HQ lenses, nothing but the best will do. A year or two later their wife or girlfriend (they are usually men) makes some remark about that expensive camera in the cupboard, when they start talking about buying a motorcycle or a fancy sailing boat or expensive fishing gear. Or maybe a HDTV.

We owe these men a loud and clear "thanks, buddy".

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I can think of several reasons someone might be selling their lenses - redundancy due to LBA, selling something to raise money to buy something else, upgrading to a better quality lens, bought something they don't really use much and have worked out a trade with the used equipment houses to buy something they want more. I'm sure there are those that have other ideas, too.
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One possible explanation is that the older lenses are not compatible with all teh modern aids the digital camera body can deliver.

You may have to manually focus and be limited to only manual and apeture mode metering.

Plus the old lens may be heavy and bulky so it takes a bit more effort to carry it about.

All these ctiticisms apply to my Vivitar Series 1 200mm f3 prime that I bought it for around $100 Australian.

Apparently this lens has achieved cult status for for its image quality according to this site: http://medfmt.8k.com/third/cult.html#vivitar

So perhaps convience wins out over picture quality leaving a bargain for others.
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Old Sep 29, 2006, 5:25 AM   #5
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Most of the * lenses hit the used market when someone changes camera brands and then sells their Pentax lens kit to help fund the new brands kit. Then their are times like Kjell mentioned when family issues force the sale of seldom used items, but the * lenses are never on the market long and usually sell for high prices.

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Old Sep 29, 2006, 10:09 AM   #6
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As I stated in my original post, I was referring to Pentax users, and lenses with all the "modern conveniences" AF, manual and auto apeture, etc.
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The lens in question has become redundant. Causes of redundancy:

1. I'm moving from zooms to primes

2. I'm moving from primes to zooms

3. I don't take enough of that sort of picture any more (e.g., macros and long teles)

4. I'm upgrading to * or LTD lenses

5. I need the money (for whatever reason) and am selling off the lenses I use least frequently

6. I'm changing to another manufacturer's system

7. The lens does not come up to my standards

8. This specific lens is a dog

Because of reasons 7 & 8, do your homework and, if possible, negotiate a return arrangement when you purchase.

I've bought used lenses, most of which I have been thrilled with. However, I've also had to return those that weren't up to standard.

Larry in Dallas
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bought most of mine used. ebay is an awesome buy and try for used lenses. i've never gotten anything i was disapointed in...well, one tamron zoom i bought had a stiff zoom ring, but i'd bought the same lens in a sigma version 2 days later (it was new) and just resold the tamron. and yes, i clearly stated the zoom ring was stiff! of the 8-9 lenses i've bought in 3 months, i've sold 4 of them - either didn't use them often enough, or found something better. recently i bought 2 f1.7s at a local shop. an smc-a and smc-f; for $30 and $45 respectively. bought em both knowing i'd sell one...cause i could get more for either on ebay than i paid! sold the smc-f (i prefer the manual focus when you're controlling such a shallow depth of field)for $120 - that was the only time i made some money, most of the time i lose $5-10; i just think of it as a rental, and if i like it i keep it!
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