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Got another question about the sigma 70-300 apo lens. I have been reading a book by John Shaw titled " Nature photography field guild." He actually talks about combining a zoom lens of this focal length with a high quality (2 element) diopter filter. He recommends either Nikon's 5T closeup diopter or Canon's 500D. It seems to me that the most popular techique in this forum involves combining extension tubes with zooms to achieve more macro ability. Any thoughts or experience with using high quality diopters?
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I have Nikon 6T close up lens. It's high quality two element lens +3 dipties (around) and 62mm thread.

the idea behind using it is to shorten focusing distance at long focal lenght. It allows to focus at around 1 foot with 300mm lens (I think so). The main problem is: because of long lens and close focusing distance you have to use very fast shutter speed to avoid blurred photos due to camera shake. That's difficult if you want to use small aperture, unless you have high sync speed flash. it can give very good results. I find using extension tubes and 50mm lens much easier, not only because of shorter focal lenght but because of less weight of this setup.

hope this helps

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As I understand there are 2 main differences:
1. with extension You loose light (have to use brighter lens/larger apperture)- no problem if enough light available;
2. with close-up lenses You can get closer but You loose DOF (it gets shallow) and light too as it is better to stop down Your (even the brightest) lens.

So IMHO both work OK as low-cost: but any MACRO capable lens will do better IMHO

As always during my workflow my thoughts/experience may jitter so I better suggest this link eg to answer Your questions:


Best, JR

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