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I have (3) Carl Zess lenses in Contax MM Mount. Currently being stored-these are too good a lens to stay in the camera bag-does anyone know of an adapter for the Pentax mount?
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how big are the threads??
if they are 42mm or m42 then there are many adapters available..

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I had a whole book written for a reply but then I found this:


But here's more info/babble

You have to get the registration distance numbers to see whats possible with/without correction lenses.. Not familiar w/ Contax lenses but a few numbers:
Contax G1/G2 29mm
Contax RF 34.85mm
Contax/Yashica 45.5mm
Pentax K/M42 45.46.
Numbers smaller than this (45.46) need a "corrective optic" to work fully. ie focus to infinity. Numbers larger could just use spacer type mount adapters to work correctly.
Numbers equal/close are dependant on lens dia and how they would fit into the mirror box. Generally, if there isn't a current adapter then it's unlikely to work as you hope.
There are plenty of registration distance charts on the web and if a mount is possible you should also be able to find that as well....
Looks like there is a m39 adapter for mm mounts (not sure if this is the same as the Pentax m39 (really old thread for Pentax). Believe the Leica is not the same as the Pentax thread). Anyways, then you need the k/m42 and an m39 to m42 adapter. Sorry more questions than aswers. .04mm may make a big difference as well. Somewhere I read this whole thing is not possible and maintain infinity focus, but could be wrong.....

I'LL BE DARNED, leave it to the russians.....still may not focus to infinity.....


Opps appears I got this backward. Won't work I think

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It is unlikely that you will get an acceptable adapter for the Contax bayonet mount lens on a Pentax body for the simple reason that the lens will not be able to mount the correct distance from the focal plane and therefore infinity focus will be lost.

There are adapters available to use these lenses on the Olympus 4/3rds cameras because they use a shorter lens to sensor distance (probably due to the smaller sensor) and therefore Camera Quest carries adapters that will mount almost any other lens system, including the C/Y adapter. You now have a totally manual lens however with stop down metering.

The Canon EOS system uses a huge lens mount which has such a large diameter that adapters for many other lens systems will fit within the Eos mount. I have not researched this but there may be a C/Y mount available for Canon.

Pentax and Nikon use smaller bayonet mounts that would not allow this type of adapter.

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