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I just got a super offer for a d200 :-).....It is very reasonable.........

I was hoping of waiting for the k10D.... But this (d200)is a once in a lifetime bargain...

So can somebody effectively compare the pro's and cons....


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I'm not farmiliar with Nikon lens compatability, but I do know that some of the older Nikons will work, but not meter, on the digitals. The Pentax can mount, and meter through, anything with a K mount (but beware of some cheap Ricoh lenses, they have an extra protrusion that can get stuck on the camera. Stick with Pentax glass).

The K10D was positioned to compete with the Nikon you are looking at. If you go Nikon you'll need special IS lenses for image stabilization. The Pentax has it built into the body. So you need to consider what kind of photography you are likely to be doing. If image stabilization is important, the Pentax is a better choice. If not, it's not a consideration.

If you already have Nikon lenses, then it makes sense to to Nikon. If you have Pentax glass, it's worth waiting for the K10D. If neither, you need to consider what type of shooting you do, and which camera has features that will make your life easier.

There are a lot of used Pentax lenses of top quality on the used market. This may not last after the new camera comes out, the prices are already going up.

The Pentax was meant to leapfrog over the Nikon, which means that eventually Nikon and Canon (and Sony?) will have to come out with competetive models.

If you want the best for now, go Pentax. If you can wait a year or two, who knows what the market will produce?
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Old Sep 30, 2006, 11:05 PM   #3
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I would say it depends on exactly HOW good the bargain is for the Nikon. You will spend more overall for glass, but if the bargain is as good as you say..........

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Old Oct 1, 2006, 12:03 AM   #4
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I use the D200 for work, we have about 6 in my office with full flash kits/power packs and grips etc.

D200 is blisteringly fast AF and continuous FPS, excellent exposure and quick saving of images.

Having said that, it is HEAVY and BIG and a little intimidating when you point it at people. As for lens cost and availability I have no idea.

I have a DL and will be buying the K10D when it comes out mainly for the SR and the weather sealing and of course the expected great IQ from the the PRIME engne and 222bit ADC. Did I mention the lower cost.

Now if you once in a life time opportunity means getting the camera at half price, then go for it.
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If the bargain is substantial, and your `once in a lifetime` comment makes me think it is -- then go for it! The D200 is known to be a great camera (its higher end than the D80 and that is the K10s competition), while the Pentax might not be out for a while (depending on who you ask), and we don`t know how it will perform, ultimately.

Of course, if you really want IS for all your shots, don`t want to dish out for stabilized glass, and can wait, then maybe you should... but thats a lot of ifs.

- Bpp
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Old Oct 2, 2006, 11:19 AM   #6
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this is very personal! but if i were you, and given the budget, i will wait for the lovely K10d. Be frank, i've not been bothered at pentax since the first digital slr available, i don't say it is bad or what, but in the market, and the stiff competitions amongst many manufacturers there is no point i will look into pentax, i used to always prefer canon and nikon. however, surprisingly until k10d, it really catches my eyes! i'm very serious about pentax now (k10d) and i'm in love eventhough it is not out yet. if i were you, i will wait for the k10d, with the coming 16-50 f2.8, the combination is simply superb! it is what i always want. look at the k10d spec, and for the price, i was stunned and it is more convincing then getting a d30 with an expensive 16-35mm f2.8l. further more, this expensive canon lens has its flaws! it is obvious k10d with the new lens should be superb and less less expensive. look at the spec of the camera, so many features that canon and nikon have never approach at, what a shame, especially the sensivity priority and the best mtf setting, just to mention a few. and with dust removal, weather seals and so on and so on and so on, i was surprised it came at a low price compare to canon and nikon, this is goin to be a true killer!

who care about if it is magnesium alloy or plastic, well, it is not true plastic, it is metal solid lightweight polycarbonate as used for formula one racing cars. i'm still having canon eos-3 film camera, it is the same material and for those for complain if it is not as solid, stay at home because they probably couldn't survive outside the house before the camera fail to.

well, i don't say d200 is bad, i dream to have one too, but it is lack of dust removal and i have already fed up with the dust problem, i'm sure in near future all cameras are standard with dust removal, seriously, dust is serious problem! very serious to me and to many. i'm proud olympus lead the way in this. i'm happy canon and pentax follows! and very sure nikon is having sleepless nights to learn how to shake off dust like others!

my final words, i just love k10d, it really shakes off other manufacturers guts this time, don't you think so?
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I love my K100, but if this is really a once in a lifetime offer I would buy the Nikon. Heck, if you change your mind and you really got an incredible deal, you should be able to recoup your purchase price and still buy a K10. I have not played with a D200 but I have a good friend who is a big Nikon fan and I have tried his D70 and his D2x and there sure isn't anything wrong with either.

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Old Oct 2, 2006, 8:14 PM   #8
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I thought and thought and thought........For 3 days....

And decided on the pentax.....:|

I got the d200 offered 300US less than lowest price around for a 1 week old one...But still the price would be very high, and I would still have to go for a Vibration reduction lens of nikons whick price near 800K for 18-200mm ....And therefore would put me in debt forever....

I hope the pentax comes out quickly as I am nearly totally disgusted with the fuji S9500 in low light conditions ...I Do some concert photography and some nature as well.........

D80 is still in a corner of my mind though :roll:....With all this nerve racking waiting :evil:

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Old Oct 3, 2006, 12:39 AM   #9
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The D200 is out and has been a proven performer and is an absolute beast with the battery grip attached.

The K10D looks to be a winner of a camera and if anything like the K100D then it would be the best camera for features and price. Coupled with being able to use lenses (perhaps the best glass) for the past forty years or so, you can't go wrong.

Price for VR lenses (Nikon) and L lenses (Canon) are very pricey and it won't get any cheaper.

Anti-Shake (Minolta/Sony/Pentax/Samsung) in the body just makes sense (cents)for the all around user.

Pentax is showing thatthey arehere to stay and are coming up with some great camera bodies at a very reasonable price.

If you are one that is into "machine gun style" shooting like I am then I will say that Pentax will have to come up with something down the line to achieve this. If and when they do then their price will most likely be a bit out of reach for most.

I love shooting sports most of all and will say I have gotten some excellent shots using my Pentax but the percentage of missed shots were having me wanting more.

Thus, the D200 with battery grip. It is a different camera that suits different needs in my case. I am not stating that it is a better camera than Pentax or any other for that matter.

It is good that there are many choices.

When you know what your shooting preferences are then it will be easier to decide what camera and lenses to buy. Weather sealed lenses are great if you shoot in less than ideal weather conditions. If you don't, then don't bother to spend your money on lenses there.

Also, the day of full sized sensor cameras only, most likely, won't happen. Just as film SLR cameras won't disappear completelyanytime soon.

Bottom line, get the camera that suits your shooting style.

BTW, the D80 is too pricey in my opinion for what it offers versus the K10D. The D80 is basically the D70 body with a dumbed down (way down)D200 camera in it. It has what I consider a useless built-in quasi Photoshop type program in the camera. The memory banks for four different camera settings (a real plus in my opinion for the D200) is not available either. Forget the D80. It is in competition with the Canon XTi (400D) which is perhaps better and cost less as well.

Out of the three K10D, Canon XTi and Nikon D80, the Pentax K10D will kick their hinders hands down.
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