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This guy is selling a camera with what seems to be a Carl Zeiss 50mm lens for a small amount of money. (He's asking 30 euros now but I bet I can get that down to 15 or at least 20. The lens is the only thing I'm interested in anyway)

The idea of using Zeiss glass seems very tempting.

Anyway I'd need an M42 converter. Does anyone know where I can get the genuine Pentax one for a good price? I'd like the genuine one so I don't lose focus to infinity.

Also, what are your experiences with this system M42 lenses + adapter? Is it worth the buy or should I just keep looking for K-mount lenses?

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The M42 adapters work great but you loose all auto functions and everything is manual.

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adorama has the original for about 25usd.

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I use M42 lenses with Pentax adapters and they work well.

I found the changing of the lenses rather a hassle having to first unscrew the M42 lens then get the adapter out of the camera before mounting a 'K' lens. So I removed the little spring from the adapter and screwed the adapter tightly onto the lens, then I could mount the M42 lens with no more hassle than mounting the 'K' mount lenses, unfortunately the lens lock will not work and it is easy for the lens to fall off! This too can be easily fixed by drilling a very shallow hole or even filing a small 'nick' into the lens to accommodate the camera's locking pin.

This sounds horrific but with care can be easily done and once the nick has been blackened (I used a felt pen) only a careful eye can see the modification.

If you ever need to use the M42 mount again it is just a matter of unscrewing the adapter from the lens. I use an old teleconverter as a 'wrench' for this purpose. If you are sure you will never need to remove the adapter a smear of epoxy will help to make things secure.

Whatever you do, do not epoxy the adapter onto the lens without first removing the little locking spring, if you do it will be very hard to get the lens off the camera!

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With lenses that have a manual diagphram option you do retain the Apeture Priority auto mode.

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