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if you use one of these mounts to convert the lens to a K mount do you have to use it stopped down as with a screw mount lens?
or does it meter as a K or M lens?

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There's Adaptall (not familiar but think they are pre-A so stop down metering is needed) and Adaptall II, W Adaptall II and the PK/A mount it is just like an "a" lens. You lose f/32 since this becomes the "a" position. There is a PK mount, like an "m" lens and a screw mount mount as well. Some PK/A mounts suffer from registration problems so that the contacts do not line up. A small twist of the lens is necessary for "a" use.

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Are you talking about the Tamron Adaptall system?

If so then the lens should work as per anormal dedicated amount.

Tamron's idea was to make only one basic lens of any type and then supply seperate adaptors to mate them to each camera mount type.

I have a Tamron zoom with an the adaptall mount (type II I belive) for a Pentax K mount and it functions exactly like all my other K mount lenses.

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Thats right, I have a Tamron Adaptall lens and have two adapters, a PK and a PKA. One operates manual focus manual aperture, the PKA operates manual focus and auto aperture, ie. the aperture control is via the thumbwheel like any modern lens, operates in all modes Av, Tv, P, Manual.

I also have the probelm with the PKA mount of it not aligning properly with the electrical contacts, on the DL, K100 it is misaligned, on the old 35mm MZ it is perfect. I just put the lens on and then twist back a fraction and I mean just a fraction and the contacts line up and I can see my aperture reading on the LCD screen.

I must add, even though contacts don't fully align when the lens is rotated onto the camera fully, the connection is there, the camera will meter and adjust aperture and record apertue in EXIF dtata, but for some reason shows "- -" in the Av window on your camera. If you want to see the Av reading as well, then back it off a fraction, like 1mm.

If I want to sell the lens, any camera owner can buy a suitable Adaptall mount for their camera, i.e Canon, Nikon and so forth and use my lens.

Some people sell their lenses on eBay as a Tamron 300mm f/2.8 for Nikon/Canon and charge big price because they mentioned Nikon or Canon.

Make sure it is an adaptall lens and buy the lens and take off the Nikon Adaptall mount and put on the Pentax Adaptall mount. Thats what it is all about "Adapt to All"

Hope this helps.
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thanks, i just never had ant experience with the mount.

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I hope you're talking about an Adaptall 2 Tamron. If so, I'm aware of a plethora of mounts that will appropriately connect the lens to the body while conveying data and enabling funtionality up to but NOT including autofocus. When I knew that I was probably going to migrate from an M42 screw-mount to a K-mount body I decided that Tamron offered a convenient path and bought a 35-210 3.5-4.2 zoom lens (my first zoom).

So now I've got:

P/U that mounts on my Spottie

P/K that mounts on all my K- mount bodies, but does not allow for automatic apperture setting (just fine for my KX and MX)

K-4 P/KA that also mounts on all my K-mount bodies and DOES enable automatic apperture setting for bodies that have that capability (e.g., SuperProgram, Z-1 and *istD)

When I went the auto-focus route, I pretty much relegated the lens to my SuperProgram on which it is currently mounted. However, I did check it out on both the Z-1 & D and I don't remember any registration problems.

Tamron's adapt-all concept is available on some pretty good lenses. Good luck with your choice.

Larry in Dallas
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