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ok, my topic is, who will prefer samsung GX-10, provided only if it is priced marginally cheaper than pentax k10d, well at least this is my thinking, and for sure am not getting samsung, buying the superb k10d with a huge imprinting of the name samsung??? well, for sure not me if am pentax fans right? well, be frank, this is the logic to most buyers right?

i love k10d! i'm so proud of pentax with the superb engineers and designers (maybe lot of contributions from samsung too?) k10d is to me a master piece for the price with unexpectedly tons of features only posibly available in more expensive tools.

again, if k10d and samsung gx-10 were the same camera, who will prefer getting a camera if given a choice with the name pentax imprinted instead of samsung?

i'm not trying to condemn any brands by any mean, samsung is one of the electronic top brands, it is my favourite brand too, but when come to camera, especially a dslr, i'm just questioning myself if i will feel more satisfied with the same camera imprinted with the name pentax?

what are the rest of your opinion? i'm just so curious?
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I am more than happy with my Samsung, it is basically a Pentax DL2, so why wouldn't I be. My children worry about what brand names theywear in public - I don't.

When the time comes to upgrade, my decison will be based upon availability and price, so it may be Pentax or it may be Samsung - if its the same camera, i am totally lost as to why anyonewould care.

In 2 -3 years time, Samsung will be a name that in the publics mind will stand side by side with all other camera manufacturers - the Samsunggenerationwill assure this.

My Samsung cost £400, this was for a body and 2 lenses - unbeatableat this time I would suggest.
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All I have seen indicates that the Samasung is a clone of the Pentax, except for the ability to use a battery grip. Unless the Samsung has the electrical contacts built in, it won't be able to take advantage of the grip.

Depending on your style of shooting, this may or may not be a factor.
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Sometimes it is a question about which is available rather than which would you buy. Here is Melbourne, Australia, Pentax cameras are usually sold with Sigma lenses and/ or Tamron lenses (eg K100D is currently being sold with simga 18-50mm/3.5-5.6 and a Tamron 80-210). Whereas I can get a Samsung dSLR with Schneider 18-55mm and 50-200mm (rebadged Pentax DA lenses for thoses don't know) for the same amount of money. So why not Samsung in this case?

Also, you can get Schneider 50-200 for AU$200 in Melbourne easily whereas you will either have a hard time trying to find a Pentax lenses for a reasonable price or you will need special order!

PS. I know K100D is better than the GX-1S from Samsung but if Samsung is coming out with their version of K10D with real Pentax lenses (even though rebadged) compared to Pentax K10D with Sigma twin-lens combo, I think quite a few people will go with the Samsung.

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Yeah I noticed that yesterday at Ted's Cameras
The Samsung with the d-xenon lenses goes for a lot cheaper than the Pentax with a Sigma lense.
I'd have no trouble going with Samsung.

As you say, it will be interesting to see the pricing with the k10d models.
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