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These are great! I've though about getting my daughter a little $50 digicam so she can take pictures too. She loves looking at the ones we take on the computer, and working the mouse.
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Nothing could be more gratifying than seeing your children growing up and progressing to be a thoughtful and enterprising young fellow. Another proof that your pix are inspiring. Congratulation.


NonEntity1 wrote:
These are posted just for fun. Perhaps you have to be the father to see the humor in these shots but hopefully everyone will be able to appreciate them. My son is seven and tonight I overheard him telling his neighborhood friends that he wants to be a photographer when he grows up. (This is OK with me, I have only forbidden him from law enforcement and defense attorney). We have been having fun taking pictures together and he seems to have inherited the old Panasonic FZ1 as "his" camera. I thought the view from the perspective of a seven year old to be interesting. First of all, this is my little man:

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Thanks ya'll. He got a kick out of seeing his pictures on the website too.

nlp239, the only reason law enforcement is on my kids' forbidden list is because that is my profession too. But you are right, they will make up their own mind in the end.

Crash, sure, sound like a great offer, but only if I get to come too!

Thanks everybody!

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the black dog is a classic

what a great view point
i hope he continues to explore

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I WANTED to be a cop but in those days there was something call discrimination against short people.

Today height almost doesn't matter and I could use reverse discrimitation but alas, I'm too old.

Back to James' images, he's lucky to have the encouragement.
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