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I thought this would be an interesting thread to start here. I know it has been covered many times before, but we have a lot of new photographers here, thanks to the popularity of thePentax camera's lately.

I own a small Slik tripod, which I usually set the camera to a 2 second delay when I use it. Does everyone agree this helps or does it not make any difference. Even wide angle shots seem to be sharper with a tripod, at least the more distant trees seem to be. Close-ups, like of flowers I am not sure. My theory is avery smallshake at the camera is a lot of shake out there a 100 yards or more.

I also have an Adorama Podmatic monopod. This is a pretty slick little device and I think I would use it more if I added asmall ball head to it. I used it a lot with my Fuji 602 for flower pictures and I am sure it helped. Anyway, lets hear all your comments on this subject. How about those that have a K100D. Do you still use a tripod?

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I have a Benbo Trekker which I bought about 15 years ago with a large ball adn socket head. Used to use it a lot, but it is a big, heavy beast, so it now stays at home mostly - takes the macro bellows well though. I also have a small slik tripod with a 2-way pan and tilt which is small enough to strap to my big gadget bag and so comes most places, but again I don't use it that often. I also have a monopod which, agin, I bought about 15 years ago and never used. COuldn't getto grips with it. In the last few months though most of my shots have been taken uising the monopod. It really does work with the longer lens (70-300mm). Not as steady as a tripod, but better than hand holding. It to has a ball and socket head (a small one).

Just strange that it took 15 years to realise how to use it!!

Camera DL2.

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Old Oct 14, 2006, 2:28 AM   #3
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I have a heavy Bilora 1111 also used for video. A Velbon -30+ years now- that I use frequently with my DL. We take the Bilora with us on holliday, together with a fluid head we can use it for both photo's and video's.

And I bought a monopod, unkown brand something like Ebay , but I must say I cannot get use to it in combination with the DL, I use itwith my camcorder, but with the DL it's to much trouble to get it on and of when I want to take some photo's in the portrait mode.MAybe a kind of ballhead would help, but I'm not sure.

But I'm still better with the camcorder than with the DL, I do miss the direct view on the LCD, can't get used to the viewfinder.... could be something for the next generation Pentax ?


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I use a monopod most of the time.

I do shoot a lot of motorsport and with 400m lenses and longe, it is almost essential to mount the lens on the monopod. This still allows plenty of flexiblity to pan and walk aound around the tracks.

I still tend to use it when I get more serious with landscapes as it is sometimes easier to carry it around than one of my tripods.

The two second delay is a good trick to help minimise camera shake if you don't have a remote release.
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Old Oct 14, 2006, 7:30 AM   #5
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how often??
not often enough

i have an old slick (20+ years) pan and tilt
that is falling apart now
i should buy a new one

i tried a ball head once but had trouble trying to get the camera at the angle i wanted

although tightening with one flick of the wrist was easy
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Old Oct 14, 2006, 10:27 AM   #6
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I have an old tripod with pan tilt headthat I bought in the mid '80s for a full sized VHS camcorder. It's big and heavy so it comes out for moon shots/nightshots around the houseand when we're taveling by car.

I bought a monopod/trekking poleseveral months ago at REI. It works really well as a trekking pole, quite sturdy. I also have a small ball head for it that is OK, but heavier than I would like (if it were lighter it would be too light for the camera - compromises, compromises!). The only thing I don't like about it is that the hand strap is attached to the cork top that covers the screw for the head, making it impossible to leave the head on and be able to use it properly as a walking stick. I've thought about trying to jury-rig something where I could attach a handstrap to something like a metal washer that would fit between the pod and the head, but couldn't come up with any ideas for materials that would be sturdy enough to work.
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Old Oct 14, 2006, 10:40 AM   #7
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I have a Slik 700DX, that I bought for use with a K*d*k camera. I used it recently with my newly purchased K100D for a couple of moon shots - which still didn't come out all that well (need to perfect my settings). I also have a Velbon monopod, which has been "replaced" with a Leki anti-shock trekking pole w/Camera mount. Wouldn't mind a better mount for the Leki, but it help's to keep me on the trail while the dog runs out in front of me.
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Old Oct 14, 2006, 12:31 PM   #8
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I have a Slik PRO 700DX. I Dont use it all that much, But When I have, it has Made a Difference In My pictures. I was it mainly For Moon Shots and My Very Frustrating attempts at Shooting Birds.

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I own a Manfrotto Ball head tripod which is solid and sturdy, but a bit bulky. I use it primarily for low light shots as well as for trying to capture them humming birds! I read somewhere that one should use a tripod for any shot because it forces you to be deliberate about composing the picture. I admit that I am not as disciplined as I should be when it comes to that!! :angry:
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i use my manfrotto tripod (witha regular pan tilt head) for virtually 100% of my close-ups and landscapes. occasionally i'll try to hand hold for one of these shots but am almost always disappointed in the results. my hat is off to those of you who consistantly post sharp hand held images.

the 2 second delay is invaluable when shooting on a tripod as it flips up the mirror eliminating that source of vibration. makes a huge difference with a long lens.

i almost never use the tripod for people or "action" photos. just acquired an 50mm M 1.7 on e-bay:-)which should help with those.

all the best, eric
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