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Not sure what You Mean exactly "Are there any other restrictions" The only battery that you Should not Use Would Be the CRV3 rechargeable.
I have used NIMH,AA Litheum,CRV3 and just once a set Of Duracell Batterys just To see How many Shots I could get. Never any problems.

Hope that Helps.


interested_observer wrote:
I am leaving on a cruise to Mexico Monday, and just popping out to get another set of CRV3s as a spare for the new K100D. Other than not using recharable CVR3s are there any other restrictions, especially on the high mAhr batteries?
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bper wrote:
Has anyone tried a set of Eveready Lithium's in the K100D yet? I know they give me real good life in the DL, much more then the 2500 rechargeables I also use. I mostly carry the Lithiums for spares as they don't lose there charge over time. That way I always know I have some batteries I can depend on- Bruce
I'm using them for my K100 but I've only had the camera fora month. I haven't done a lot of picture taking andthe first 100 or so shots were taken with thebatteries that came with the camera so I can't say yet how many pics I'll begettingwith the Lithiums.
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Unfortunately ALL NiCd and NiMH batteries will self-discharge faster than LiIon batteries.

Most will self-discharge at 30% per month - if yours are worse than this, it's time to replace them. If a set of four aren't lasting long, test the voltage on all of them after they coem out of the camera - maybe only one is bad.

Sanyo Eneloops are a new technology which dramatically reduces self-discharge in NiMH.

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i'd say mine discharge about 50% over a few days.. i have a very good smart charger. maybe it's time to replace them..

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pboerger wrote:
Does the K100D require high mAh batteries to function properly? Is my extensive collection of 1900 and 2000 unusable and/or will they only allow a limited number of shots? Rumor is manual says high mAh required.
[align=left]Yes. Yes. and Yes. It's not a rumor, it's a fact.

I have tried both Panasonic 2000 mAh and Sanyo 2500 mAh in my K100D. The Pana is nearly unusable whereas the Sanyo gives only quite limited number of shots before the battery warning shown up.

Also, are rechargable CRV's OK? Thanks.
Yes. The RCR-V3 is better. But do remember to find one which has the *voltage regulator" which limits the voltage to below 3.5V, otherwise your K100 will be in danger (there were *ist D and DS user reports of RTF burnt just because of excessive high voltage of the non-regulated RCR-V3). I have used my RCR-V3s on my *ist D, DS and K100D, it performs much better than any NiMhs I have owned - more stable voltage, faster AF, and much longer battery life.

To save more power, turn off the SR when you are not actually need it, see:-


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I have Sanyo andDuracell 2500 mah batteries. The Sanyo will last a whole lot longer, and hold their charge better when not in use than the set ofDuracells I have. I have no idea why the difference between the brands (they are both 2500 batteries), but it does make a big difference (if I use up a set of Sanyos, the spare set of Sanyos still has a reasonablecharge. If the spare happens to be the Duracell, they are often close to complete discharge).
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