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snooked wrote:
I would recommend the Tamron 70-300mm, F4-5.6, Macro. Does Macro to 1/2 ratio, which I understand the 75-300mm will not do. Photo of Everglades Snail Kite taken yesterday with Tokina 70-300mm.

Nice shot. Thanks for the suggestion! I looked up that lens and I like it! I think that may be the one. It's available for around $150 which puts it in between the other two.
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I chose the 28-300 just to give me a lens that had length to handle zooming into my kids sports from the sidelines. I liked the read of 300mm better than just 200mm. ALso, I wanted to get closer shots during the game (28-50mm). And, changing lenses is not hard, but I did not want to have to do it during games.

So, I may have given up some quality, but got a great, useful lens. I still use the 18-55 kit lens when going out and wanting the best quality.

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I have the 28-300 and I'm finally learning its limitations and how to use it. It is convenient, and outdoors it does pretty well. Here are some examples of shots I've taken with it:

The first one was outside on a bright day and it came out nicely. The second one was in twilight and came out okay as well. I normally wouldn't use this lens for this kind of shot, but it's nice to see that it's capable. The last one was indoors (obviously) and the large size shows some noise it the corners. I was generally pleased with these shots, but the lens wasn't always fast enough to stop the action from my seat up in the stands.

All in all, it's not a bad lens. I got it for $150 (check your price, you should be able to find it a little cheaper) and I'm learning to love it. I think it's key to learn how to use it, though. I took it to Savannah for a weekend trip right after I first got it, and the vast majority of the shots left me dissappointed. Now I know not to shoot fully open (unless there's no other way), and I also try not to fully zoom it out unless there's good light (my moon shots are always soft with it).

Check my Flickr account for more examples (http://www.flickr.com/photos/rfortson). I'd recommend looking at the large or full-size images there. Hope this helps.

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