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Preordering a K10D, looking for recomendatations on lense > 300mm, considering a Sigma 50-500M...

Looking for experiences with that lense and alternitive suggestions?

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I am thinking of the SIGMA 70-200mm 2.8 with the 1.4 or 2x TC. Like having two lenses in one. Pretty sharp from the reviews I've seen.
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If you can find one, the FA*300 f4.5 (or F*300 f4.5), are the one's I'd recommend. Excellent is about the only word you need to describe these 2. Sharp wide open, and capture great detail with lovely colour and contrast. I've yet to see a CA from my FA lens,or for that matter a lens flare. And they aren't overly cumbersome or heavy - around 2 lbs. Trouble is, they're so rare, and now it seems, very expensive. I think a F*300 just sold on ebay for around $1600 US. If you can't find one of these, I don't know which way you'd want to go. I've had bad luck with all 3 Sigmas I've owned, and the high end Tamron's are hard to find for Pentax mount, although their less expensive 70-300 is apparently quite good. I've heard lots of good reports about the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8, but have no hands on experience with this lens. If you can hold out, Pentax is coming out with I believe, a 60-250 f/4 constant lens in the next year. The "Bigma" is a large lens. Lots of reach, and pretty sharp results from what I've seen of other's postings, but it is large and a tripod is needed I would think. This is one of the drawbacks of Pentax - no availability, at least at this moment in time, for a high quality FA*200mm or FA*300mm prime. Seems goofy to me, but that's Pentax for you. Hope this helps a little.......cheers.......Don.
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The Sigma 50-500 is very heavy and slow (ie maxiumum apeture and autofocus slow) but if range is what you are after its not that expensive. Depends on what you are shooting - if its more sports id agree with the other posters here and get the 70-200 2.8.
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Hi Dave,

I picked up a used Sigma 100-300mm EX F4 with aSigma 1.4x tele on ebay after reading the reviews of it on www.photozone.de.It's bigandheavyso I use it on a tripod but I'm veryhappy with quality of the photos.



50-500 will be even bigger and you'll want to consider if you'd really want to use that big lens between 50 - 100 or 200mm.Personally I take a lot more photos between 18 - 100mm than 100mm + so it suits me to have a smaller, lighter, higher speed lens at the smaller focal range.

With that in mind Crashman has a Tamron 200-500mm from which he shared some great shots.


Enjoy choosing your lens!

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