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Rufus T Firefly wrote:
The glass on the right looks better.
It would be if it was a pint of real ale!!
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I agree somewhere in the middle would look best to me ... at least with the way my monitor calibrated!

Cheers, Mike
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mtngal wrote:
I would guess they are two different editing jobs. Since he can't tell with his monitor which one would be right, he's going to take which one we tell him correct for the setting for his monitor. Makes sense to me.
Yes, that's what I did. I had the old pic (#1) which now looked too dark on my screen, and made a new copy (#2)that looked better (on my screen), but of course I couldn't tell how it would look to every one else. It's obvious that my "calibrating" excercise was not successful at all, and that is what I suspected. So I went back to the old one.

Then my new question (directed mainly to Ira, Tom, Harriet and Roy who have seen my developement over the last year) would be: Do my posted pictures appear a bit too dark to you? That might indicate that my settings actually are a bit too bright after all. Oh, can't someone send a wizard to fix it all while I'm asleep?


PS Of course I will appreciate anybodys input! DS
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To the best of my recollection I have never noticed your images as being particularly dark. I know it is contrary to the "expose to the right" rule for digital histograms but I like the richness an image gets from the dark areas. Your images have always looked just fine to me.

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I Know you Did not ask, but I Gave up trying To Calibrate my moniter Using free On Line programs. I just Could never get it Right. So i Broke Down and bought a Panatone Huey. Its a Great unit and it Cost me about $69.00 US.

JMO But, i Would like the picture Somewere in Between also.

I agree With Ira . the pictures that I have seen Have looked Very good To Me.

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I am late to this discussion but to answer question #1: Somewhere in the middle and question #2: I don't think any of your previously photos looked too dark.

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Kjell - I've never noticed your photos as being particularly dark at all, but then they are usually high-contrast subjects anyway (very much to my liking!). I may not be the best person to judge by, though.

Talking about monitors - I sometimes think mine might be a bit too bright, making some of my photos a little darker than they should have been. What led me to that conclusion was comparingpictures to the good monitor at work I use (I use more than one computer at work and they have very different monitors, one of the set-ups has horrible monitors, the other a nice flat panel Dell). The Dell monitor made my pictures look darker than at home, and I had it adjusted to its max brightness. The funny thing is that they recently swapped out my computer, but didn't change my monitor. Now it's a bit too bright, so I adjusted it down to where it looks the same as the one at home. What a difference between the 2 computer's video cards!
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