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I just wanted to post my findings so maybe someone will benefit from that.

as you probably know polarizers in landscape photography are invaluable, mainly because of thair ability to darken sky. as you may be aware it is said than for SLR cameras you need circuar polarizers, because linear can cause problems with AF and exposure. that's because the AF and exposure sensros are behind glas which polarizes light lineary. well it may be true for some cameras but it's not the case with my DL2. I tried old linear polarizer before and it works fine. AF and exposure works as usual. I'd imagine it's the same with D, DS and K100D.

another thing is they don't come cheap. depending on filter size the price can go up to 170$ for thin multicoated 72mm. so buying a set for your lenses may be out of reach for many of us. so here's my advice: invest in square filter system. Cokin filter adapter and filter holder can be bought for sensible price. the P system is for lenses as short as 28mm in 35mm format, if you get polarizer for that it will fit all your lenses with proper adapter. and don't be afraid buying old cokin linear polarizez off ebay, it will work with Pentax. brand new linear polarizer costs 38$ at BHphoto and circular 68. I got mine from ebay for 8.5 pounds (thats about 17$).

so if you are into landscape photography invest in cokin filter adapter and holder and old linear polarizer from ebay. you can also add grey grad filter for those bright skies.
I hope to post some photos taken with this system next week when I finally have some time for my hobby. when I go out and take some pictures I will share them with you, but it's next week (if weather permits and you don't know that in this country).

hope somebody find this usefull

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Well I guess it is time to slap the old 49mm linear polarizer on the old M 50mm f1.7.

Interesting findings, if you ever run into any situation where the linear polarizer will not work let us know. Old linear polarizers are so cheap.

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Taken today with the K100D, Phoenix FA Macro lens and an old Hoya polarizer that I assume is a linear one - it doesn't say circ. on it. I didn't think about the focus maybe not working and had it on auto focus (I think, though I could be wrong because that lens is fussy about the AF mechanism).
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I myself use the Cokin filter system and have it on my DX6490 all the time I'm outdoors, unless doing low light shooting. I now have the A-Series and use a 120 Grad grey as well as a Skylight 1-a and a Polorizer! Probably have to step up to the P series for some of he Long lenses I'm now buying for the soon to come K10D.

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I use a linear polarizer with my 50mm 1.7 M and it works fine.
It doesn't have autofocus, but the exposure is fine.
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