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welcome to the forum (though i think i remember you posting a while back?)

ditto on more dof andusing atripod and shooting at the ends of the day. but regardless just keep shooting and experimenting and checking the info from your keepers (and the ones you pitch) to see what works for you.

also i Liked that you Listed your Location aLLiteratively. :G

all the best, eric
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roy and mtgal, thank you for looking and commenting.

Ifigure I will be getting a lot of practice shooting that stretch of real estate as the trail head is not far from my house. There's lots of wildlife, missed a few chances when my camera was in the wrong place, namely in my backpack, HA!! Oh well I know I will get another chance at Mr. Roadrunner (beep beep). There are lots of lizards, and roadrunners LOVE lizards. Not to mention the great blue and a red tail hawk. But that's another story for another lens. Guess we know what I'm getting next month... have my eye on the sigma 70-300 apo dg macro...

That's a great idea with the trekking pole. Mastering that technique sure beats setting the pole down and picking it back up all day llike I did.

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Hey eric.... thanks

Yes I've posted questions and made comments here and there before I actually got my camera. This looks like a great place to hang out. Most everyone is so friendly and helpful. One of the reasons I was attracted to Pentax.

Regards, Bev
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The export function in Picasa allows you to change the size of the image. I use this for quick converting of PEF files to JPGs.

NonEntity1 wrote:
I use Picasa but I do not think there is any way to resize to post, unless you were to use the email function and let it create a resized one for the email, and then copied that image from your sent folder to use in the forum. Picasa remains my favorite photo organizor but it is really not an editor. One thing to remember is that any changes you make to a picture in Picasa only apply in Picasa, the original is apparently not affected.

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