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Irfanview (with optional plug-ins) can open Pentax raw files (albiet slowly) and batch process them to JPG. I assume it uses the "auto" settings but I haven't played with it enough to know for sure.

Much as I love Irfanview, there are probably better (just for speed, if nothing else) options, but it does work if that's what you've got handy and need to do it in a hurry.

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IMHO, Adobe Lightroom (currently inpublic beta) is the best RAW batch conversion utility I've used. I've processed 300+ RAWs with minor tweaks in an hour or two.
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Just my two cents worth. I'm one of those guys that loves Irfanview and use it with Silkypix for my raws. It really does a nice job of converting the Silkypix tiffs to jpegs, along with cropping and resizing to taste. I did use PSP, but Irfanview just gave me better results and quicker. I really do likeSilkypix also, so I guess to each his own.

I seldom batch process, preferring to take each picture I like and work with it. Silkypix has a real handy way of clicking on F6 and marking for deletion any pics you don't like and I do them as a batch when I'm ready. With the size of raws, I only keep the good ones, which some daysseem few and far between - Bruce
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