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I am looking very seriously at the K10. I shoot mainly medieval architecture, which is often very dark. Image stabilization is really attractive to me.

I want to be able to use a Schneider 2.8/28mm SuperAngulon PC lens that now has a Contax/Yashica mount on whatever DSLR I buy. I know I can do it with Canon as well as use my old Contax lenses with a Camerquest adapter, but, of course, no stabilization. With Pentax I am not so sure.

Schneider makes a K mount for use with Pentax cameras but the lens is strictly manual, without an automatic setting. To compare at my local pro camera shop, I used one of their old K lenses and it didn't work with the K100. They don't have the K10 yet but the assistant manager said all Pentax lenses would work with the K10.

I haven't been able to confirm or refute this on the internet. I hope this is clear enough and would appreciate any insights members may have.

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K lenses WILL work with the K100D, the DS and (I'm reasonably sure) on the K10D. However, there's a menu setting that needs to be changed (it's under the custom portion of the menu, you need to change it to allow the camera to use an aperture ring - default setting is that this is turned off so you can't use a lens unless it is on the A setting). Change this setting and you can use the aperture ring on any lens when using "M" mode. The camera won't automatically meter - you have to push a button to temporarily stop down the lens so the camera can meter, but that's the only thing extra that you have to do.

I use them all the time (well, mine are M lenses, but they work the same).
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welcome to the forum..
as harriet said, it was not the camera but the user. no put down here.. all the K and Screw mount lenses will work on ALL Dseries bodies and the new K10. it's just you need to know how to use them and what the limitations are.. i'll be getting the K10 just as soon as the irs gets done with me in april..

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Just so you know, you need to go into the menu system and find the item that says "allow shuter release on setting other than A" or somethig like that. I have the D but they all have that setting somewhere, probably in Custom Settings"
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Hi, sgparry.

I think that you simply didn't know how to use manual lenses on Pentax DSLR.

You must do following:

1) Go tu Custom menu and change "Allow to use aperture ring" to ON, by default it is OFF;
2) set camera to M mode;
3) set desired aperture with aperture ring on camera;
4) measure exposure by pressing AE-L button: camera automatically will close aperture, measure incoming light and will set appropriate shutter speed;
5) take picture.

Note: taking another picture you don't need to measure exposure again, camera remember what shurret speed needs to be used. Of course, if lighting conditions change, go to step 4) before taking picture. And in case you change aperture, go to step 3).

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