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Hello all,

as an active and friendly group of Pentaxians I guess that most of You use other forums as well and this info is not new to everybody but as I find it an interesting reading I would like to share this with all others:


Best and happy shooting, JR

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OK, it takes our Earth to circle... 24hrs (we call it a day, You know... yeah, I know that people have to sleep, not hang on at forums etc.)- so still wondering on no comments/replies- has someone dug deeper than me and discovered something nice/ugly/true/false?

Best and sometimes very impatient (human nature, You know...), JR

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Sort of scanned over it. Lot of techno-babble which is ultimately meaningless.

"It's important though, not to place too much weight on purely analytical results of this sort. Looking at images of "real" subjects shot with the K-100D, they show plenty of fine detail, take post-capture sharpening on the computer very well, and compete well with shots from other 6-megapixel SLRs."

The first section with the over-bright colours seems to mean that the vivid setting has been used as opposed to actually looking at the setings and changing them to natural.

I suppose if this is of interest to you and you understand what is being said, then ok.

Sorry, I don't, and I suspect this is why there are a lack of replies.

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me, i like my images just a little over saturated, but I WANT to do it. that's why i have my DS set to normal. all this technical stuff is fine if that's what you're into. ME, i just like taking pictures and try to develope a better way to get the most from my images. this is something i understand. it's not the cam, it's mostly who's hands the cam is in. i have many excellent images from a 1.3meg cam. hooray
i'm all for you if you are into all the printed tests and specifications but ME i look at results and how people respond to my images. i don't need a test result telling if it's a good or bad image. i already know by viewing the image. if it works, then great. if it doesn't hit the delete key.

just my 2cents,
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It was interesting and I would have devoured it if I was still camera shopping. Overall impressions seemed to be highly favorable. I definately look for this kind of analysis, as well as comparative reviews, before I buy something sight unseen.

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Old Oct 27, 2006, 10:56 PM   #6
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Sorry Reps, but not much different than the D days. AA filter, light in camera sharpening. Good color, don't go by the numbers... ect.
The topish (takes the crown, almost) ranking w/ the RAW DR is a bit of a surprise but not "gut feeling" surprising.... Always felt my D RAW files had a lot of breathing room when treated nicely...
Did find this interesting.... I always assumed AWB or Tungsten was just bad due to the possibility of sunset light and tungsten being very similar in color temp and quality. Apparently there is another possibility

Most cameras' auto white balance systems have a great deal of difficulty with this shot, but many incandescent white balance settings struggle as well. (It seems that many cameras' incandescent settings are actually calibrated to the tungsten lighting used in professional studio systems, which isn't nearly as warm-toned as typical household lighting.)


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Old Oct 27, 2006, 11:26 PM   #7
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I found the article interesting. Didn't understand any of the graphs, but thought their analysis was interesting. They seemed to like the K100D, and gave the sound advice to not put too much stock in all the bench testing. Sounded good to me. The jpg vs. raw isn't anything new - one of the hits on the DS was that the jpg processing let the camera down, and that you'd get better results using raw and a good converter. You can say the same thing for lots of other cameras, too.

As far as the saturation/oversaturation arguments - it's all (and should be)in the eye of the beholder. What looks washed out to me might look great to you. If people didn't have different tastes in such things all cameras would be made alike. I don't think there is an "ideal" one way or the other.

Thanks for posting the link - it did make for some interesting reading on an otherwise quiet, boring Friday afternoon at work.
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Old Oct 29, 2006, 9:34 PM   #8
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I found it quite interesting. Enlightening was the difference in dynamic range (latitude) between JPEG and RAW - the more gradual roll-off at the highest frequencies in RAW was much more film-like. A bit disappointing was the sharper cut-off in the lowest frequencies in both RAW and JPEG. This is opposite of what I've read about "typical" digital cameras where the greatest latitude is in the shadows. This may still be the case if you can tolerate a little bit of noise when shadow areas are lightened in post processing.

The bottom line was quite good:The dynamic range of the K100D competes with the best of them in RAW...a good reason to shoot more RAW forimportant work.

Incidentally, in a photo course I'm taking,one adviser asserted there is no differencein dynamic range between JPEG and RAW in response to a direct question I asked him. He must be more of a film shooter and not up on digital stuff.
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