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Black Knight wrote:

Thanks for the web site, I will Check It out later. Just Finished Preping The Snow thrower for the season.
Just for kicks here is a picture from the 2005 Westfield Air Show of A "Heavy"
Taken with my DS and Sigma 70-300


BTW, yes we did do the dayton air mueseum


Now your picture iswhat I call a real "heavy"! Nice close up.

Re. your comment about the prepping the snow thrower, I just got done cutting the grass:-)! Probably will need to do it a couple of more times before I'm done for the season! Jay
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Hi Jay
I might have 1 Or 2 More times to cut the Grass myself. Actually My Teenage Son has a couple more times to do the Lawn. !!

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robar wrote:
ditto BK
any problems with security?? i'd probably get arrested if i took the new 500mm out to d/fw airport.

My dad is really interested in aviation and often goes to the airport with scanners and a camera etc.
One time his friend told him about a great spot at Heathrow Airport in London where you can get really good views so they went there.
Not long after they arrived they heard "get out of the car with your hands up"
They got out and found they were surrounded by heavily armed police!
They explained they were just interested in planes and nothing else, but it didn't help that my dad had a scrapbook of plane disasters in the car!!
They were very lucky to get away with just a telling off!
That was quite a while ago now, I think with the new security measures they would probably have been arrested and interrogated, or maybe worse!

What my dad's friend failed to mention beforehand was that the fact it was a restricted area!! :lol:

BTW, the viewing area at Melbourne airport has also been closed recently.
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Very nice photos! One of my co-workers loves to take pictures of aircraft (he still uses film), and often would spend time near our airport. The last time he spent a good portion of the day on a public street near the airport, before airport security came up and checked him out. They didn't tell him that he had to leave (it was a public street and sidewalk) but did say they had received a call). He was torn between feeling amused that it took them over 4 hours before they came by and feeling uncomfortable about having been checked out. Like others have mentioned, some traditional viewpoints have been closed off recently.
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