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Glad to hear all your opinions. I use the DL at work, which for me includes shooting high school football in stadiums with crappy lights at night, meaning I really need that 3200 speed to get any kind of shutter speed, but I guess I could live with the 100-1600 range. The batteries are another issue. If the new battery pack were a significant improvement over the batteries, I might understand, but they had better be a whole bunch better than the pack in the Cannon Rebel XT before I'm convinced. I just like that flexibility of being able to pop a set of AAs, which you can get anywhere, in the camera in an emergency.     LIke I said just me griping.    Speaking of work, it's election season, here in the good ol' USA. I shot this picture Tuesday at a rally for the incumbent Republican Senator from Missouri Jim Talent. From left you have Sen. Bill Frist, the Senate Majority leader, Kit Bond, the senior Senator from Missouri, and Talent.   Today (Wednesday) we get Talent's opponant, Democrat Claire McCaskill, in town. She's really stepping out because this is solid Republican territory here in Southwest Missouri. It usually goes 65-70 percent Republican. The race is really tight and really important to the Republicans, so to top off the week, it looks like little ol' Joplin is getting a visit from the big cheese himself, President George Bush.     He'll be campaigning for Talent as well.  I'll probably be inside this rally with my little DL and I'll share some of my shots when I get them. 
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I found ISO3200 on my DL is pretty much useless and never used it. It's simply too noisy. Get a faster lens like FA 50/1.4 and you can shot virtually in any lighting as long as there are lights. So K10Ds ISO 100-1600 is actually quite welcome change (since no one is seriously use ISO 3200 in existing models anyway). However, I still want to see the actual ISO1600 performane from K10D in production model before I jump in.
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The battery specs at 500 shots, if I remember correctly. Seems pretty good to me. I would buy an extra battery if I find that I need one.¬*I think there will be a quality issue with iso 3200 and this sensor if you compare to the D80, D200, and A100. It would be nice if they gave you the option as the other manufacturers do, to use high sensitivity if you need it as a custom option.¬*Iso 100 will be great for portraits because it will smooth out the noise(added sharpness) of ISO 200.
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Get a high quality ND filter.

Gumnut wrote:
i personally wish that i could go down to 64 iso, 200 can be way to fast on a bright sunny day
there is no chance of slow shutter speeds unless you add filters, i would only use 3200 in the nocturnal house at the zoo
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an ND filter??
i would prefer a lower iso than adding filters
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robar wrote:
no TTL really UPSETS me, totally!!!
Do you mean it will have no TTL (just P-TTL) just like the previosu models or not even P-TTL ?

either way, I agree that this is a point where Pentax could have made an extra effort. They listened to the customers pretty well for the K10D imo, but TTL to use with older flashguns would be a very big plus.
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No old fashioned TTL. p-TTL is still there..........
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