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Damfino wrote:
..........., I'd much rather use PNG. If there's some feature that TIFF has that PNG lacks, I'm not aware of it. Needless to say, Irfanview plays very well with PNG.
Unfortunately it doesn't keep EXIF information. Once you have saved an image as PNG all Exif is lost*. Other than that it is a great format.

* As far as I experienced it! If there is a way to keep EXIF in PNG, I would like to know how.
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My favourite photo editing freeware is Fast Stone. For such a high featured programme its hard to believe its free!
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SelrahCharleS wrote:
Mine is a similar interesting little program called the rasterbator
There is other software for poster printing. I have used it. The poster looked wery well.

P.S. I understand that this is not new thread, but I think this link will be helpful for forum people.
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Old Feb 21, 2007, 9:13 AM   #34
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for all you painters soon to be out there.. Google for ARTRAGE ...
you will fall in love with it.. esp if u have like a tablet or tablet pc :-).. but even with a mouse I can still be picasso!
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One of the few Camera OEM softwares I have ever used was Olympus's Camedia editor.

It has a great "instant fix" that 8 times out of 10 worked darn well.

It also operated much like say Irfanview and could work from directories rather than just imported "Albums" as many do.

This was back in ver 3.... haven't seen what its like in some time.
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Old Feb 21, 2007, 8:29 PM   #36
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I'm a long time Paint Shop Pro user. Back to the Windows 3.1 days.

I'd also like to second the plug for AutoStitch though. I used that program a lot on our Hawaii trip last year. http://daved.fotopic.net/c1103317.html

I've tried the demo's for Kodak's Digital ROC/GEM plugins too. Worked great when I was restorring the 50+ year old family slides. I wish I could afford the actually buy them though. I think they're a bit overpriced.:shock:
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Old Feb 22, 2007, 4:34 AM   #37
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PTLens. Love it for distortion corrections. Turns my Zen fish into a wide angle beauty..Don
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I use Image Capture and/or iPhoto
Photoshop Elements
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Old Feb 23, 2007, 5:10 AM   #39
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Image Analyzer
(URL: http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/Analyzer/)

has some great simple tools for red eye removal, auto color correction, curves/histogram etc. BUT also a great deconvolution filter I use a lot for sharpening pictures and solve camera shake problems (can't work wonders, but its really nice). Also check out the adaptive noise reduction and read at the website. Free to use - small... wonderful.

PhotoLine 32 (PL32)
(URL: http://www.pl32.com/)

This is where I ended after lot's of research for a allround image manipulation software. Can't afford PS - but this little gem has a lot to offer. 16bit, can use PS actions, has an internal RAW converter that reads PEF and DNG (and prolly others, but these two are essential to me), Layers, Masks, pixel and vector stuff - everything you can wish for is there. Around EUR 70.00. A better HDR/DRI function like in PhotoImpact and a faster preview would be nice (preview will be fixed in next release) It is absolutely easy to use for the common things, works in RGB, CMYK, HIS or LAB and so on - check the website! (Example: if I have a 16bit RGB picture and just want to sharpen the HIS-I channel, I just click sharpen, choose the color model HIS, select only "I" and play with the sharpening controls. Same with USM... modifying Gradation curves seperately? No problem... I can't say how complicated this is in PS - but I like how simple it is in PL32)

- autostitch was already mentioned
- PhotoImpact is great for the before/after preview, the HDR/DRI and some noise removal stuff, but overall I choosed PL32...
- RSE, RAW Therapee (dcraw GUI), Hugin, Photofiltre also worth to mention


Great thread - keep the info's coming!
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Universe image creater. Either a PS plugin or standalone. It's not an image editor but can be used both as a creator of starscapes, or for photographs can add stars, nebula(fogs etc. ). Not something youd use every day, but on occasion is useful.
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