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None of the remote firing articles I've read have addressed the actual soldering of the plug. I've read em all too! I bought the 2.5mm audio plug and unscrewed the bottom and I have one tab then a "core" and a black piece of plastic that seperates the core into 2 seperate soldering points (or what I assume to be soldering points) and I dont know which of the three wires to solder where... Please assume I will be using this link as my primary guide.




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Hi Alex

I'm not able to open the link you posted os can't use that as a reference.

From whatI can recall from when I made mine...my plug had 3 tabs - long one centre and 2 shorter ones. I guess the 2 shorter ones will be the core one on yours.

Using a multimeter, you will have to determine which one of the 2 connections on the core connects to one of the sections on the front pin. (can't remember order of pin, but top top and middel is for focus and release, bottom is ground i think) So, you need to detemine connection on core to Top and Middle. Once you have this, you can connect wires and buttons accirdinglly.

Hope this helps? Let me know if I should draw the diagram - not sure if you have one. I can do this tonight when I'm back home and will pos then.

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The easiest way is as Heffalump just mentioned - use a multimeter to find what pin connects to what and what wire connects to what part of the plug.

The other way is trial and error :blahwhich would actually be quite simple with just 2 wires)

Here's a diagram I drew up when I made my remote

By the sound of things you have a mono jack which will only allow you to fire the shutter and not operate the focusing mechanism.
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the plug i got was like what you describe. the tab was ground (feed in nadnerb's excellent diagram) connecting with the base of the plug, the smaller diameter soldering point closest to the tab connected with the tip of the plug and the larger soldering point connected to the mid section of the plug.

it took me 3 plugs to get one soldered right (not nimble enough fingers) but now i have a fine accessory (with a body courtesy of the bottom of an old plastic travel mug) that i've used once to get pics of n. lights (no really good pics as the display was kind of blah).

before i successfully soldered the third plug (partial meltdowns on the first two!) i was convinced i should have just bought a cheap imported cable switch off e-bay but now i just show it to my buddies and brag.:-)

hope this helps, eric
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Trial and error is probably easiest - you know the big tab is ground, short the others to it while it's connected to the camera and it'll either focus or fire the shutter.

One thing I realized after I melted a bit of plastic is that the Radio Shack plugs had a glop of black plastic as the divider between the contacts, but it rotates around the contacts, and it's wise to rotate it so that it's not in the way but that it does keep you from soldering the different contacts together, as I did the first time - I had to do some fiddling to undo that solder connection. It's ugly but once the cover is on, you'd never know.

This was on the $2.99 gold-connection 90' angle version. They didn't have the $2.79 non-gold one in stock so I decided to dig deep and pay the extra twenty cents. Just call me Big Spender! I would assume that the non-gold one is basically assembled in the same way.

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