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Thanks for the reply everyone, I hope some of you that are reading this and haven't replied will do so.

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I think that for the average enthusiast, photography is relatively inexpensive compared to many other hobbies. I can tell you first-hand that it pales compared to what it takes to support a car hobby! My father is heavily into boats (thank goodness that skipped my generation!) and that is very, VERY expensive. Then there's planes... or even R/C planes... robot combat... home theater... fine art... real estate... etc, etc.

Back on topic, I always liked photography but got serious when I got a K1000, sometime not long after high school graduation, almost 20 years ago. I really fell in love with the SLR process as much as the actual resulting photographs, and used the camera extensively over the years, and took a class or two in college. I took my time entering the digital world as I refused to buy one that wouldn't produce satisfying photographs and in 2002, picked up a Fuji 2800Zoom (2mp, 6x zoom) and was very happy. However, the ease of digital meant that even though I loved the manual controls, the K1000 found itself gathering dust, and I was also left wih piles of undeveloped film. (A few months ago, I finally got all the old rolls developed - I think there were maybe 18 rolls that had been lying around for many years.)

Last year I upgraded to a Minolta Z5 (5mp, 12x zoom, IS) but was never very happy - mainly due to the high levels of noise. I desperately wanted a DSLR and finally decided to get serious some time this year, then saw the DL in a Circuit City ad. I wasn't even aware that Pentax made DSLRs! I assumed that it was probaby junk due to the low price and was impressed when I started reading some reviews. I soon ordered my DL w/kit lens from Beach ($367 after rebate) and absolutely love it - the K1000 bag came out of the back of the closet and I started using the lenses again.

Now that cheap DL has led to a mostly-controlled case of LBA, more accessory purchases, and an urge to move up to a K100D (which I've decided to resist and focus on getting a K10D instead). I'm very happy with the Pentax and see no need to even consider switching brands and am amazed at what is possible with a camera that I got for so cheap.

So... I'd say that I was pretty heavy into it in my early 20s, and have found myself right back there now that I'm 35. That's the magic of an SLR - it is valuable not only for the superior picture quality but because it inspires the photographer to take better, more interesting photographs.

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I started when I was 15. I was in Grade 9 and took photography as an art option in a catholic high school here in Toronto. We were using K1000's but we had to share camera's with other students in the same class so we never really had the camera's all the time. So what I did was go to a local camera shop and bought a used K1000 and that's when it all started! 11 years later and I'm still in it!
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About 28 years ago, but I suspect I have taken more since going digital than I ever took with film.

I started with [seriously] with an SP1000 and moved up to an ESII a few years later.

I still have all my old M42 gear, including dark room, but it just gathers dust.

I am now saving hard for the K10, which by the time I aquire one the bugs should be nicely ironed out.
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I started in 1985. For a 6 months assignment in Nicaragua I felt I had to bring a camera. To find my brand and what was important for me I borrowed cameras from anyone in sight, and it cooked down to Olympus or Pentax, for size and ergonomics. A well-informed friend recommended Pentax for the K-mounts sake, and so I bought a Program A (Program Plus) with a 35-70 f4 kit lens. My friend said that I would need two bodies, for BW and colour slide film, but I found that idea snobbish and ridiculous.

After a few weeks in Nicaragua I realised how right he had been, so after coming back to Sweden i bought a second Program A. As I had started following a local rock-group on their gigs i needed a fast lens and bought a smc-a* 85 mm f1.4 with the body. I couldn't afford it, but with a little help from my friends... (worked for months to pay them back)

Then came marriage, children and responsibilities. The cameras spent more time on the shelf than "at work" during too many years.

A happy accident blew new energy into the hobby. One of the bodies was destroyed on a trip to Bogota, but the insurance covered it so well I could buy a used Super A (Super Program) with a bunch of accessories and lenses on a local auction site on the Internet. And so I found this well of affordable want-to-haves.

As the cost for film development started to digholes inthe family budget, a year ago my wife suggested it was time for me to go digital. Ooooh – do I love that woman?

As drpage (welcome to the forum!) I've probably taken more shots with my DS than in all the years with film. And just like Harriet (mntngal) I do it for fun, I've never earned a nickle from my photography.

This old thread might be of interest to the newcomers, maybe you want to add to it: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...492690#p492690

And this: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...560130#p560130

And this: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...566111#p566111

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My first real camera was a Honeywell/Pentax Spotmatic with a 50/1.8 that I got as a high school graduation present in '67. I moved to a N Photomic FTN in '69 and added a used C F1 in '70. I also got a Minox EL35 as a "stealth" camera. I had my own B/W darkroom and shot mostly TriX since I couldn't really afford to do my own color developing. I gave the Pentax to my girlfriend's brother when I got the FTN.

Photography took a back seat to providing shelter and food during the late 70's and 80's but the interest was revived when I bought an Olympus Stylus 35mm P&S to have an automatic pocket camera for a trip. Some time @ Y2K, I started in digital with an Oly 1.3MP P&S, followed by a C S320. I decided to get more "serious" and bought a Panasonic FZ1 which started the birding thing for me (and I still have and use this great little superzoom). I upgraded to an FZ15, then an FZ30 (which I also still have and use).

I gravitated back to Pentax with the DS when I decided that I wanted better low light performance. The idea was to get some fast wide and normal lenses, use the DS for available light, and retain the FZ30 for the long outside stuff. . . Right!!!:lol:

After seeing some remarkable performance with a couple of inexpensive used long consumer zooms, I decided to get serious using the DS for birding also, so I started looking into the Pentax * tele primes, and the rest is history. Many ebay auctions, KEH Purchases, a lot of $$$$, 27,000+ shots, and a whole lot of fun later, I'm now awaiting a new K10D body. . . :-)

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I was20 when I convinced my fiancee that a good college graduation present would be a camera. She asked me which one, and bought the Olympus rangefinder I requested. (Is there any wonder I'm still married to this wonderful woman well over 40 years later?) Unfortunately, I won some photography contests and got hooked.

Shortly before our first daughter was born, I got a chance to buy a Spotmatic with a 50mm 1.4 lens for $100 new. Suddenly, I was really serious, and sold the rangefinder to buy a tripod (a true indicator of degree of seriousness). Still have and use the original Spottie and lens (on ever-more evolved Pentax bodies) as well as the tripod. [Note: Buy a solid tripod and it can serve you well for decades.]

I still love phtography, although I haven't "worked" professionally for about a decade. Fortunately, my old day job has enabled me to periodically feed the beast of this hobby.

Larry in Dallas
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I started photography when I got my first camera phoneback in the year 2004, it was a Sony Ericsson K700i VGA (with 1 mega-pixel interpolation) camera phonemodel; pretty noisy and laggy, but itwas also one of the best camera phoneduring those times. Man, I spend about U.S. $500 on that camera phone alone. I took many good photos with that camera phone that attracted excited comments in a mobile phone forum. However, due to my impatience for a better camera phone6 months after the $500 K700i purchase, I pleaded for abetter camera phone to my mom, and afterthe dealthat she will come out a bit of $$$ for my new cameramobile phone, I finally brought a better quality 2.0 mega-pixel Japanese camera phone in Singapore. I was happier with that camera phone because of the increased photo quality and great screen quality. That phone also had a macro mode, and it exposed me to macro photography as a result. I have posted many macro shots in the mobile phone forum that received opened mouth comments from members. (I can truly say that the phone produces real photographs) I have also captured many great shots with that cameraphone while having it for about a year. However, one year later as predicted, I was getting impatient for a newer generation of auto-focus camera phones already...The new wave of camera phones triggered off my analysis until paralysis syndrome. I went into a lot of trouble during those dark times, I argued with members in the forum, I disagreed with everything that they said, and I was getting very frustrated with myself during those times; I compared phones after phones, annoying people all around. I became the most popular in the forums for my bias attitude, and aggressive argumentative spirit...As long as anyone dared to disagree with me, I would fire back. One day during the last months of my last camera phone's usage, I argued with a U.K. man of his 40(s) in the forum; I won't state what the arguments were on about, because it's was all just plain too shameful.... During the arguments, I was given three warnings via P.M. from the moderators, but sadly, I had not taken any heed; I was banned from the forums.

During the period that I was banned, I became the most popular member around; everyone was talking about what hashappened to me and etc...I created multiple accounts to fight back the moderators, however, a firm warning about permanentban was introduced to me by a close modon another forum! (Via that forum'sP.M.) Somehow he knew who I was on that different forum and issued a P.M. directly to me from there! :shock: (Hewas not a mod of that mobile phone forum, however, hewas the mod in the forum that I was banned from!) It was a really strange moment...

The story goes on regarding the thread's title;

I was certainly stillterrible after I was un-banned (Ofcouse, a few months later after everyone thought I was a good boy...), I set up threads upon threads regarding "Which camera phone is best for me etc..." and ended up with many comparisons day after day. The problem with me was that, I could never let people get the better of me in any of the arguments, so you can clearly imagine the situation(s). Finally, when the last of the argument threads have subsided; I finally ended up with a U.S. $900 auto-focus + macro camera phone which my dad had to come out U.S. $350 for! :shock: (Or else Icould neverhave afforded it) The next part of the story you won't believe it!

I sold that mega expensive camera phone off after4 and a halfmonths!! :shock: (Still brand new and shiny)

I actually took many great photos with that $900 camera phone, it was a high end Nokia camera phonewith the main focus on it's state of the art German crafted Carl Zeiss optics, with a Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar camera module. (The module have White balance, exposure compensation, scene modes, focus options, auto-focus, macro mode, and high quality MPEG4 video recording with audio) Once again, I took many fantastic macro photos with that camera phone, and plenty of outstanding longer range photographs too. The interesting part was the China trip that fell in pleasantly during my usage of the phone, so I had the great opportunity to bring that $900 camera phone along with me to the great country of China; I took many many photos during the trip, and really got to test the camera out. The phone had a flight mode, so I was able to continue shooting abroad the aircraft. (I have also recorded plenty of great videos too, with that camera phone) The phone was using Mini MMC cards.

Finally, I realized that my photography skillswas upgrading,so I needed a camera upgrade too! I managed to sell off that great U.S. $900 camera phone to my happy brother, who offered to pay for my new REAL digital camera!! (AT LAST!!!) I was actually quite happy to leave that camera phone because I knew that phone wasn'tfor me; it had too much office, operating system, connection, software, communication, and mobile P.D.A.features with just a camera dumped in on top. (From my perspective of it) So it is more for office personnels, working mens, & bosses etc...with just a better than average mobile phone based camera; chucked in on top of it all. Ofcouse, by this time you shouldalready know that I am known as the mobile phone maniac at school! (I was always their mobile phone adviser!)

I got my new shiny & frostedSony Cyber-Shot DSC-N1 8.1 mega-pixel compact digital camera right at the same shopping mall, righton the day of Christmas; that I got that U.S.$900 C.Z.camera phone from! The girl at the Sony outlet was friendly, Sony was attractive, &the camera looked good etc...I finally got myself the camera! (I had a great time testing out the camera before buying it, while my dad slept at the sofas, my mom talking away, andmy brother strolling around...) I just carefully tested shooting with a real digital camera! (I actually had a Minolta pro-sumer mega-zoom before [Which was my dad's], but somehowthat wasn't so significant as this one was) Maybe it wasbecause Ihad notunderstood about photography before;during those times,somaybe I wasjust merelytreating it like a tool from the commontool box.... (The N1 looks like a cool gadget to me, a show off piece, camera phone size, large 230,000 pixels 3.0" TFT LCD etc...) So it was different, it came and hit atmy right time of understanding...Photography kickedstarted from my usage of the N1 digital camera; I took long exposure shots with shutter and aperture controls, macro shots with focus& metering controls, and took shots with a real flash this time. (Not with white LEDs of the camera phones) I learned better how to tweak white balance, select focus type, adjust image perimeters,take advantage of special effects, zoom in optically, using a tripod, reading histograms, choosingtheappropriate shooting mode(s)for arespective situation, using the well programed scene modes, selecting flash modes, choosing resolution wisely, and adjusting ISO levels!!!

I was in time for the New Year! (The transit to year 2006)

I have capture "PLENTY" of photographs with my Sony DSC-N1, and a lot of them are great. My N1 camera itself have a long story to tell (It has went through a lot...), but I do not think thatthis page will be able to hold it. Recently however, I have officially sold offmy Sony DSC-N1 compact to my dad; I am looking forward to a digital SLR camera.

From here on-wards, my experience will be in continuation...




I am 20 years old this year.

I predict that my new dSLR camera will be facing Christmas and New Year too (At this period of time)! :idea:And China trip again...Next year beginning! :idea:

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Started when I was about 12 - (early 60's) our first trip to Yellowstone (been there 8 times total). Used one roll of 620 film in my mother's Kodak Brownie box camera (circa mid 1930's) (yes it is still hanging around I do not have it in my hands - but it will be).

My father was an amateur photographer in his youth - built his own dark room, enlarger etc. using a 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 twins lens reflex (camera is gone). After the trip to Yellowstone I started on the "addiction". My money from my first paying job at age 16, bought a Petri range finder 35mm (still have it - broken but still have it). My cousin bought a Pentax Spotmatic (first experience with SLR's and Pentax) in the late 60's.

During the late 60's through mid 70's I really wanted to work for National Geographic - purchased three Fujica SLR's (ST 801, ST 901 and AZ-1) - shot thousands of slides - was buying 100 ft. rolls of Plus-X. During this time my father bought a el-cheapo 35mm SLR from Mamiya (no interchangeable lens - leaf shutter - very strange machine). So one day he grabbed me and took me down to Denver for a day at the Omega Color school. We had made a 4 foot square dark room in the basement for B&W work. A week after the Omega school he came home with a Belser 23C color enlarger. We started to use Cibachrome and other such things to develop color film make color prints.

Being a teenager - we drifted socially and politically apart. I graduated from college and started to emphasize "scientific" photography.Everything straight - dead center - high resolution etc. (hated "artsy craftsy" photographers)My father bought a Calumet 4x5 and built an enlarger for it. (I have the 4x5 now)

After trying to find work - photography fell by the way side. Got married - dropped out of Graduate school for health / employment reasons. Moved to the NW (Washington state) got a job - not photography related. During our first week in our first house a neighbor kid broke in and stole most of my cameras. The insurance covered the purchase of a Pentax SF-1 with a Tokina 28-70mm.

5 years later the Police dept. in a city south of here called me up and asked if I would like to come and pick up my cameras. I did (another boring story) they all worked (now 4 35mm SLR's). We moved out of our firsthouse (the day my father died - 1996) and into our current one. I had all my B&W film in boxes - in 2004 we were cleaning out the garage and discovered that the film was damaged/eaten by water/mice. Twenty years of images - gone.

I was very depressed, to the point where I was going to sell all my cameras. Saw a add in National Geographic about Photography expeditions jokingly told the wife - she said "Go do this - do this NOW". Bought a *ist Ds and laptop before the Expedition. (I now have 5 SLR's 4 35mm - one digital - also 1 Toshiba P&S - 1 Olympus 35mm range finder - 1 N*kon weather resistant 35mm P&S) Bob Sacha cured me - reawakened the passion instilled by my father. Been hooked since.

Love digital - love film - to paraphrase "I just love the smell of Ektachrome in the morning" -- (used to be Kodachrome - but you can't really find it anymore --K25 rules--)

So - when did I get serious - at 12, 16 18-25, 50+.

Sorry it is so long - you asked - I answered.

PDL- a proud "Peeling paint and Garbage Can" photographer

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My Interest in photography started When I was about 16. My Best friends Father was very Heavy into Photography. He let me use his Nikon( Cannot remeber the model) and taught me how to develop photos in the darkroom.
I Could not Afford a Camera until my first job. At that point i bought My First camera a Pentax k1000. I Use that For several years and Sold that to Get the Pentax ME( I Still have this camera and lenses). I used that exculsively For many years Until my children Started. Then we Switched to a progression Of P&S Film Cameras. It was just easier than Carrying all that Gear around. During that time i did use the ME, just not Much. Around 1998 I Got my first Digital, the Sony Mavica. I used that a for a couple of years and then decided I Needed a Better camera so i got a Olympus C730 UZ. I Used that till last Spring, Till I decided that i wanted to get back into a DSLR. I Checked them all out and went With My First love Pentax, So i Bought the DS

All Told i have been Enjoying Photography for 35+ years


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