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It all started when I got my first SLR waaay back in late January 2006....
So yeah, I've only just started :blah:
I'm 22 and I began to get interested in photography 1-2 years ago.
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I started with a Spotmatic in 1968 and then added a second body in early 1969 and six lenses, all purchased in Viet Nam at the Freedom Hill PX outside Da Nang.

I then went to a LX and a PZ-1 in the late 80's and early 90's along with some FA* and A* lenses. Those were and are great cameras, and I took thousands of photos with them and stopped using my Spotmatics for the most part.

I then got a 67 and 5 lenses at the same time and later went to a 645 and 3 lenses as a more portable MF system. Last for film I got a 645n with AF and a MZ-S, both of which I still use, but not as often as I would like to. The medium format saw lots of use shooting weddings as well as the 35mm MZ-S, which would imprint exposure data on the film edge.

I got a Nikon 990 and used that for a while, then went to a DS and here I am today, waiting for my K10D to show up at the end of the month. It is very cool that the lenses I bought in 1969 work perfectly on my DS, just like they did on my Spotmatic.

I taught photography in a High School and a Technical College in the Milwaukee area for 30 years, as well as did commercial photography on the side. I then moved to northern Wisconsin in 1999 and do Photography and Web Design work as my full time, retirement job.

Love my DS, but film is still my real love, until digital can match what I can get from my medium format film.


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Got interested way back in 2000 when I got my first SLR, a Canon Rebel. I was about 25 years old. Never went beyond the kit lens with it (don't ask).

Used some Panasonic digital P&S and after a couple of months of sitting on the fence, I went for K100D at the end of July. I plan to be with the system for a while. It gets addictive.

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For me, i've always been fascinated about capturing the moment. Its not a serious thing and it was never serious. Ibought my first camera atthe age of19(Ricoh 28mm camera). I still have it now after 9 years and it works well. My problem was that when i have that Ricoh on trips/vacation, i usually shoot alot (too much, was the comment from my companion). Every trip, seemed to break the bank. The last trip, i shot 23 rolls of film (36exp)in 3 days. Not alot for a pro perhaps, but a hell lot to develop. Buying film and processing them is expensive, thats when i got a K100D. I'll be travelling again in Dec, we'll see how it stacked up against the Ricoh.

And its not serious, just good fun.

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